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Chapter 11: A Secret

The two of them ended up playing in the corner together.

Although Bai Qi did not know anything about basketball other than bouncing the ball and shooting them into hoops, Zhang Li Xue was patient to teach him the basic move.

Fortunately, Bai Qi was quick to pick up her teaching. In just a short time, he learned how to dribble ball properly.

Bai Qi watched as his little fairy showed him once and was amazed at how good the little girl can be. His little fairy was really an amazing person!

Meanwhile, the little girls eyes burned as she looked at her newly recruited teammate.

Zhang Li Xue could already foresee that her new friend would be a good teammate. If he continued to persist in this training then he could be a very good player.

Anyway, her mother was not that good at this sport but after her father had taught her a few times, her mother also become good at it.


The most important thing was that she already have her first teammate.

Maybe once the other kids saw them playing together, they would be interested in this game and wanted to join her team as well.

Soon, the gym ended and the students went back to their classes. Before they parted, Zhang Li Xue did not forget to make Bai Qi promise to play basketball with her again the next time.

The two of them had made an appointment to come earlier to kindergarten so that they could practice together.

It was a little tiring as the kindergarten was having a gym day. However, Bai Qi returned home feeling very happy. The other kids were tired but the look on his face showed that he was still full of energy.

When he arrived home, Bai Qi saw his grandmother in the living room and quickly went over to her side.


The boy ran around with his short legs, scaring his mother who was still worried that he would fall. Fortunately, Bai Qis grandmother managed to catch him. The boy buried his face in his grandmothers lap and laughed happily.

“Bai Qi,” The boys mother was about to scold him for running around when she saw that her mother-in-law had already waved her hand to stop her.

In the end, Mother Bai could only sigh helplessly. Because they were living together with the Bai Qis grandparents, the grandparents really spoiled Bai Qi that much.

“Bai Qi, go and get change first,” Jiang Yu Qing reminded her son.

“Mom, Ill go over after I speak with my grandma.” The boy stared at his mother as he noticed her in the standing living room as if she was waiting for him “Mom, why dont you go upstairs first Ill go after speaking with Grandma.”

Jiang Yu Qing raised her brow, finding that her son was behaving strangely. “What is it Something that I cannot hear Bai Qi, you have a secret from me”

Bai Qi pursed his lips as he looked at his mother hesitantly. His mother was always so strict. He did not want to tell her about his new friend as he was afraid that his mother would scold him.

He could still remember how furious his mother was when he had pulled Zhang Li Xues hair.

He was the guilty one for pulling a trick on that girl However, his mother had warned him not to get close to that girl again.

Bai Qi was still too young. He could not understand that his mother was too embarrassed to face Zhangs family again after what he had done to that girl.

“Alright. I know. Mom will go upstairs first. Come upstairs when you don talking to your grandmother. Dont disturb her rest.”

“Un. I know.” Bai Qi nodded obediently. He watched his mother head upstairs and turned to his grandmother again.

“What is it” Old Madam Bai laughed when she saw the look on her grandsons face. “What do you want to tell me”

Bai Qi turned around and buried his face on his grandmothers laps again.

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“Something good happened at school” Old Madam Bai guessed.

Bai Qi raised his head and nodded enthusiastically. The smile on his face was enough to tell just how happy he was.

Worried that someone was going to overhear his words, Bai Qi cupped his hand and whispered to his grandmother. “Grandma, I met that little fairy again.”

On the day that he ran into that little fairy in school, Bai Qi had already told his grandmother about it. The Old Madam naturally knew about the little fairy that her grandson was talking about.

It was the first time that her grandson had mentioned the opposite gender. The first time Bai Qi had talked about this little fairy was after his parents had brought him to the Zhang familys wedding.

Old Madam Bai had seen Zhang Li Xue before and had a good impression of her. The girl w cute and polite to the elders. Therefore, Old Madam Bai remembered that girl very well.

“Did you get to talk to her this time”

When Bai Qi had told her about his encounter with the little fairy on his first day at school, he had mentioned that he never had the chance to talk to her because he was too stunned. The Old Madam had laughed about it. However, she still encouraged her grandson to try again next time.

Now that she heard that the boy had met the girl again, Old Madam Bai was curious to know about his progress. Of course, in the Old Madams opinion, her grandson only wanted to befriend this girl. Things about liking and falling in love were too early for someone in Bai Qis age.

“Un.” Bai Qi nodded. “Grandma, the little fairy spoke to me and invited me to play with her.”


“Un.” He nodded again. “I listened to Grandma and treat her nicely. The little fairy said that she wanted to befriend me and play with me.”

Bai Qi proceed to tell his grandmother how he had watched the little girl play alone in the corner of the gymnasium and how he had approached her.

However, Bai Qi did not tell his grandmother that the little girl had invited him to join her team.

He was the little girls first teammate and Bai Qi wanted to keep this a secret.

Old Madam Bai laughed happily. “What did Grandma tell you If you are nice and kind to others, the other kids will want to play with you. Isnt this a good thing”

“I know.” Bai Qi hugged his grandmother again. “Grandma, I will listen to you from now on.”



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