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Chapter 10: First Teammate

Bai Qi lowered his gaze and looked at the ball in his hand. He gave the ball a gentle squeeze, weighing his decision. He wondered if he could use this chance to talk to her.

After a brief hesitation, he walked over to her side and passed the ball. His worry won and he was still too afraid to talk to this little fairy.

The little girl smiled when the ball was finally in her hand.

The smile was too dazzling, causing Bai Qi to be stunned. His eyes were unblinking as he continued to watch her bounce the ball. It was as if he did not want to miss watching the smile on her face.

Zhang Li Xue did not notice that the boy had not left and stayed to watch her. She bounced the ball on the floor. The look on her face was especially bright as she now could control the ball well.

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However, a few seconds later, the ball hit the boys feet and started to roll to another side.

“Im sorry. I didnt see you there.” Her eyes widened. Zhang Li Xue rushed over and touched his shoe. “Did it hurt”


Bai Qi looked at the girl who was worrying over his foot. He took a step back and looked at her shyly. “Its alright. It didnt hurt.”

The ball was soft and her strength was not that powerful. Of course, it would not hurt at all.

Zhang Li Xue finally heaved in relief upon seeing the look on his face. She run to chase after the ball and held it tightly. When she turned around, the boy was still there. “Why are you still here”

“What are you doing I saw that you were playing alone,” Bai Qi said. “Can I play with you”

Hearing his question, Zhang Li Xue began to look at the man in a different light. She had always wanted to recruit people to form her own basketball team.

The boy seemed to be interested in what she was doing and Zhang Li Xue was seeing this as her chance to recruit people.

She stood up straight and began to compare their height. It seemed that this boy was just slightly taller than her. In the future, perhaps he would grow even taller, right

“Do you know how to play basketball” Zhang Li Xue asked.

Bai Qi was reminded of how the girl was bouncing the ball just now.

“I only know a little bit.”

His parents had bought a small basketball ball and hoop for him to play. In the past, he had played with them for a little bit before he started to lose interest in it. The hoop was too short and there were no difficulties in playing the game alone.

“Then, do you want to join my team” Zhang Li Xue asked.

“Your team”

Zhang Li Xue pursed her small lips tightly. “Hmm... Currently, there is only me on this team. But once you join my team, you will be my first teammate.”

His heart fluttered. Bai Qi was mostly interested to hear that he will be her first teammate. He suddenly thought of Mu Zhen Yu.

“Then, what about Mu Zhen Yu”

“Brother Yu”

“Un. Isnt he... your teammate as well”

“Brother Yu isnt interested in playing basketball,” Zhang Li Xue said.

When Mu Zhen Yu visited her house as her playdate the last time, Zhang Li Xue had suggested playing basketball. However, Mu Zhen Yu said he was not interested. In the end, the two of them stayed indoors to play with the building blocks. Sometimes, they would play with Mu Zhen Yus younger sibling. The baby was adorable and Zhang Li Xue especially loved sniffing the babys scent.

Later, Zhang Li Xue had always thought that Mu Zhen Yu was someone who did not like to play under the sun.

Bai Qi was aware that his little fairy had a good relationship with Mu Zhen Yu. But hearing her words, it doesnt seem that Mu Zhen Yu was a member of her team.

Thinking about it made him feel excited.

“Of course, later, we can recruit more members.” Zhang Li Xue began to consider this idea seriously. Now that she might be able to recruit her first teammate, Zhang Li Xue began to make further plans. “Its best if we have six members. This way, we can have a three-by-three match.”

Bai Qi did not care much about these things. At this time, he was just happy that he will have the chance to be around his little fairy.

Zhang Li Xue looked at the person in front of her and thought that the boy was not going to agree. She dropped the ball from her hand and held the boys hand. Her black eyes were glittering as she looked at him. “You will join my team, right”

His heartbeat accelerated. Heat slowly crept up to his face, turning it red. Suddenly, he did not know what he should say or do.

The girl was holding his hand again and this time, she was holding it for a long time. Moreover, her hand was very small and soft.

Seeing that the boy was not answering her, Zhang Li Xu started to swing his hand around. “You will join, right”

“That...” Bai Qi met her gaze and the words he wanted to say suddenly disappeared. The look on her face was too adorable that he had become speechless.

“Its okay if you dont know how to play,” Zhang Li Xue said. “I can teach you. You will join me, right”

Bai Qi was finally defeated by her expecting gaze. “Ill join.”

Zhang Li Xue finally released his hand and started to clap in excitement. This person had suddenly become her first teammate and she could not help but want to celebrate.

The little girl looked at the boy again and suddenly remembered an important thing. “Thats right, I still did not know your name. Ah, my name is Zhang Li Xue,” She stretched her hand for a handshake. “You can call me Li Xue.”

Bai Qi stared at her stretched hand and wondered if it would be appropriate for him to hold hers. It was already too much that he get to hold her hands twice.

After hesitating for a while, Bai QI finally shook his hand with hers. “My name is Bai Qi.”

“Bai Qi, hello! You are now my first teammate. Congratulations!”

For the first time, Bai Qi experienced what it felt to have butterflies in his stomach.

First teammate!

The words sounded very cool and special to his ear.



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