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14 Fateful Attraction

“Im glad youre here then...” the man said before he started to laugh a little.

I sucked in a breath when his hand reached out and handed me my phone. He found my phone Wow...what a lucky coincidence.

“You found my phone Wow...thank you! Youve really saved me...” I said feeling a mix of surprise and relief.

It would be such a huge hassle to lose my phone not to mention that I didnt have spare money to buy a new one. I couldnt wait to get my first paycheck at the end of the month, seriously.

“Must have been fate...” the man said softly as he smiled so gently at me, his light blue eyes seemed to shine, and I couldnt look away.

Before I could stop myself, I started laughing. My reaction confused the man so much that he stared at me, a little take a back by my reaction.

“Sorry. I just thought that it was a little funny. You see, I thought to myself that its such a lucky coincidence that you found my phone...but...you called it fate...” I said as my laughing came to a stop and I smiled sweetly back at him.

“I see. My name is Kyle, I just joined the company today. Ill be working in the planning department,” Kyle introduced himself.


So, his name is Kyle, and he just joined the company just like me.

“Nice to meet you. Im Karina, Rina for short. I guess were in the same batch, I just joined the company today too. Ill be in the design department,” I introduced myself, suddenly feeling a little shy.

“So, I guess you were here for the orientation too, right” he asked.

“Yup, thats right. I didnt see you though, there were so many people...” I replied.

“I guess. Oh...the no-dating rule the head of HR told us today was quite crazy, isnt it” he asked with a small laugh.

“Yeah. I didnt expect a rule like that in this company. It seems a little old-fashion, I guess,” I replied before laughing along with him.

“I think so too. I mean, you cant really stop people from falling in love, can you” he said, his tone suddenly sounding serious.

I couldnt breathe when his pale blue eyes met and held mine. I guess, he was right, you cant really stop people from falling in love...

“I guess not...” I replied softly as I broke our eye contact and shifted my gaze down to the floor.

“Can I get your number Lets keep in touch. Youre the first person Ive really spoken to today...” Kyle said with a shy smile.

“Oh...sure...” I said as I took out my phone and we exchanged numbers.

“Cool. Are you heading to the station, or did you drive here” he asked.

“Im taking the train, you” I said.

“I drove here...so...” he replied, looking conflicted.

I see, so were not heading in the same direction.

“Oh, then Ill see you tomorrow...” I said softly.

“Umm...I can drive you back...if you want...” he said abruptly.

My eyes widened at his sudden suggestion, and he seemed to notice the abruptness of his suggestion as well.

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“Oh no...its ok,” I declined politely.

“Sorry, I didnt mean to sound so forward. We just met and...I didnt mean it like that...” he said, clearly regretting his mistake.

“No, not at all. I didnt think you meant anything...like that,” I said reassuringly.

“Its dark...so what about I just walk you to the station” he suggested brightly.

“Umm...ok...” I replied before smiling a little at him.

Kyle and I shared small talk about random things and laughed all the way together to the subway station that was a short walk away from the office building. I usually didnt find it easy to talk with guys, but Kyle made it seem so easy. He seemed so kind and open-minded and that helped me relax in his presence. It wasnt long before I was comfortable around him and the conversation between us flowed smoothly.

I waved goodbye to him, and we both wished each other good luck when we arrived at the station and had to part ways for the day.

“Goodbye. Thank you so much for walking me to the station,” I thanked him.

“Youre welcomed. Its no trouble at all, dont worry,” I replied with a smile of his own.

“Im sorry that you have to walk back alone though,” I said teasingly.

“I told you, its no trouble at all. Bye...Ill see you tomorrow at work,” he said.

“See you...” I whispered.

Slowly and hesitantly, we turned away from each other to head our separate ways.


The door closed behind me when I arrived home and a small smile curved my lips as I stood there with my back leaned against the closed door. Just thinking about Kyle had me smiling to myself like a fool. I would be lying if I said that I wasnt smiling and giggling a little to myself all the way home. It wasnt like I was in love with him or anything, but his kindness really touched me.

I walked away from the door as I shook my head softly from side to side as I recalled the strict rule that our company had against employees dating each other. That thought gave me pause.

What on earth am I getting all bothered for. Its not like were dating. Hes...not even interested in me. Why am I getting ahead of myself Were just colleagues and thats it.

“How was your day at work” my mother asked with a bright smile on her face.

“It was great. The company is so big and theres so many people, but thats ok. Ill do my best,” I replied enthusiastically.

“Dont overwork yourself,” my mother replied.

I felt a little uncomfortable about what I wanted to talk to her about next, but I was sure that she saw this coming as well.

“Umm...the company is quite far away from here, so...” I began saying.

My mother smiled at me and nodded as if she already knew what I was going to say.

–To be continued...



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