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At that time, it was Fu Mingyu who agreed to let Zheng You’an come and take the shot of this promotional film in front of President Zheng.

It is actually not a big event.

Usually, they only invited a somewhat skilled photographer and it would have been enough too.

So, he felt that it was fine to use this opportunity to give President Zheng some face.

But he only knew the relationship between Ruan Sixian and Zheng You’an after that.

He usually didn’t care about these trivial things, but after the project started, he specifically asked the person in charge of it.

As expected, the flight department chose Ruan Sixian for the photoshoot.

He thought that if Ruan Sixian did not want to have any contact with Zheng You’an, even if it means that he would have to eat his own words, he could even replace Zheng You’an and then compensate President Zheng in other ways afterwards.

In fact, he clearly has another solution, that is to let the flight department replace Ruan Sixian, and choose a new pilot.

Simple and easy.

But he didn’t even think about this approach from the beginning to the end.

And the reason why he asked her in advance was that he did not want to make propositions on the basis of self-hallucination anymore.

But there is a kind of inexplicable impulse to show some performance in front of her.

But Ruan Sixian did not seem to mind it.

Completely do not mind at all.

The next morning, Ruan Sixian indeed received a notice from the flight department, asking her to prepare to shoot a promotional video for this year’s enrollment.

Although the photographer is Zheng You’an, since she was drunk last time, the depression in her heart has been dispersed by a lot.

So, just taking a picture.

It’s nothing.

It’s just that the temperature hit a new high today, and Ruan Sixian still has to go out in uniform.

The shirt must be buttoned up neatly, the suit and trousers are airtight, and turning around in the sun is just like a little yellow croaker turning over on the barbecue.

It so happened that it was not easy to take a taxi at this time too.

She walked from her home to the gate and there’s still no driver that takes her order.

After waiting at the gate for a few minutes, Ruan Sixian felt that she was already half-cooked, and those who like to eat raw can directly put it in their mouth.

When Yan’an drove out of the parking lot, he saw Ruan Sixian standing at the gate with a flying cap in her hand, looking irritable.

He unconsciously stepped on the brake and stopped ten meters away from Ruan Sixian.

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After the late night call last time, Yan’an never came to Mingchen Apartment again.

Anyway, the other party already refused so plainly and obviously, he would only look ugly if he entangled her again.

Even if he would occasionally feel upset and can’t accept it, he could only restrain his desire to take the initiative to contact her.

But at this moment, he saw her wearing a uniform for the first time, standing tall and upright, and her skin was so white under the sun that it glowed.

He felt inexplicably itchy.

Perhaps the best is always the one that he can’t get or maybe he is not reconciled, anyway, it is difficult for him to convince himself to just ignore it at the moment.

After stopping for three full minutes, Yan’an slowly drove the car to the side of Ruan Sixian.

“Where are you going”

Yan’an rolled down the car window and asked.

Ruan Sixian looked back and saw that it was Yan’an.

She was taken aback for a moment and said, “President Yan”


Are you going to Hengshi”

Ruan Sixian nodded, “I…”

“Get in the car then.

I’m going in the same direction.” Yan’an said, “I’m going to the airport base.

I will give you a ride.”

Seeing Ruan Sixian seemingly hesitating, Yan’an grinned, “It couldn’t be, right You don’t even want to get in my car now I’m giving you a ride really because I’m also going in the same direction.

Didn’t we say to be friends”

A friend, but you even called me late at night.

Ruan Sixian didn’t show her heart’s complaints on her face.

She just smiled and said, “I already called a car and it will be here soon.”

Yan’an’ smile disappeared, and his hands pressed the steering wheel impatiently.

The car coming up behind honked its horn.

“Don’t make a fuss anymore.

Get in.

It’s not a big deal anyway.

That car driver at the back is going to get off and hit us later.”

Ruan Si Xian looked up at the road.

Not even a taxi was seen.

Three cars have come out one after another behind them.

The sun was dazzling and the temperature was so hot that it was extremely irritating.

She pulled her hair up and there’s sweats on her fingertips already.


She pulled open the car door and sat on the co-pilot seat.

When she lowered her head to fasten her seat belt, Yan’an glanced at her sideways and pursed his lips, but did not say what he wanted to say in the end.

The two of them arrived at the gate of Hengshi Airlines in silence, and Yan’an slowly stopped.

Ruan Sixian said her thanks, but when she got out of the car, Yan’an called to stop her.


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