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After one hundred and twenty minutes, the plane will be ready to take off again.

As there is Hengshi Airline’s base at Fudu Airport, another Co-pilot was soon dispatched.

At 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the flight returned to Jiangcheng Airport.

Captain Fan cleaned up and took Ruan Sixian to Fu Mingyu’s office.

“How is he”

Fu Mingyu asked.

Captain Fan stood in front of Fu Mingyu’s desk and answered truthfully: “Acute cholecystitis, has been operated on, and the situation is stable now.”


Ruan Sixian followed behind Captain Fan with her head slightly lowered, listening to the whole story as Captain Fan told Fu Mingyu, without saying a word.

Ten minutes later, Bo Yang knocked on the door and came in, interrupting them for a moment.

He glanced at Ruan Sixian before opening his mouth.

Ruan Sixian noticed his gaze, thinking he was greeting her, and nodded at him.

Bo Yang pursed his lips and walked to Fu Mingyu’s side.

“President Fu, Miss Zheng is here.”

Miss Zheng

Although he did not say the full name, Ruan Sixian subconsciously thought that it must be Zheng You’an

She lowered her head and picked her nails.

Why is she here

But this doubt just flashly passed by.

It doesn’t matter.

Each person has their own business to take care of.

Afterwards, Bo Yang glanced sideways at Ruan Sixian, then walked to Fu Mingyu and whispered.

Ruan Sixian, who was a few meters away from Fu Mingyu, couldn’t hear Bo Yang’s words and only saw Fu Mingyu nodded and said, “I see, you let someone arrange it then.”

After Bo Yang left, Fu Mingyu connected it smoothly and continued to ask Captain Fan about the situation.

Ending the conversation, Captain Fan said: “This time the engine thrust has exceeded 66% when the air brake is used, and I will take responsibility for it.”

Ruan Sixian looked up at Captain Fan abruptly.

What he means is that the QAR Level 3 incident caused by the alternate landing is counted on him

Fu Mingyu held a pen in his hand and pondered for a moment, as if he didn’t hear Captain Fan’s words, and only said, “Okay, I know the circumstances now.”

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At the end of the report, Ruan Sixian followed Captain Fan out.

From beginning to end, Ruan Sixian has no communication with Fu Mingyu at all, not even making eye contact.

Ruan Sixian really felt a little weird.

The day before yesterday, he had stayed in her house for a long time, bearing the hardship without complaining, and didn’t even show any intense emotion even after being resented by her for half a day.

Now, it seems that his intense emotion was finally directly pressed to death by her

But when she walked to the door, she heard the person behind her called “Ruan Sixian”.

Although the one being called was Ruan Sixian, Captain Fan stopped his steps subconsciously, looked at Ruan Sixian, and then looked at Fu Mingyu.

He looked back and forth for a circle, then walked away and closed the door thoughtfully for them.

Originally Ruan Sixian felt that it was nothing for Fu Mingyu to stop her suddenly, but Captain Fan’s actions makes her inexplicably feel that nothing good is going to happen.

She turned around and asked: “What’s the matter”

Fu Mingyu said while turning on the computer: “In the next two days, you should be informed that the company is about to launch this year’s flight academy nationwide recruitment tour.

It needs to shoot a set of promotional videos, and the flight department selected you to be on the camera.”

Ruan Sixian tilted her head and smiled happily: “Yes.”

Who wouldn’t like to be on the camera to shoot a promotional video to represent the corporate image

Immediately afterwards, Fu Mingyu said: “The photographer is Zheng You’an.”

Ruan Sixian was surprised for a moment, but after a short pause, she straightened her thought.

Zheng You’an studied photography, mainly focused on portraits and has a close relationship with the Fu family.

It is normal for her to be in charge of this shooting.

Ruan Sixian asked: “So”

Fu Mingyu raised his head and looked over.

His eyes flashed slightly before he lowered his eyes and said: “If you are not willing, I will let the flight department change the photographer.”

Why am I not willing

If I am not willing, you can just change the pilot.

Why change the photographer

Ruan Sixian looked at him carefully and suddenly understood.


You’ve started again, right

You still think I’m jealous of Zheng You’an, right!

The dog man…

Ruan Sixian looked at Fu Mingyu with a puzzled look, and asked, “Why am I not willing I’m very willing.”

Fu Mingyu looked into her eyes and sighed softly after he confirmed, “Okay.”


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