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But after he finished speaking, Co-pilot Yu still disagreed, saying that he could still hold on until the fuel consumption of the plane was below the maximum landing weight.

In short, he disagreed with the overweight landing.

Captain Fan usually speaks softly, but at this time, his tone is harder than Ruan Sixian has ever heard.

Seeing that the two were about to argue, Ruan Sixian said softly: “Captain, let’s reduce the fuel then.”

This is a compromise.

Captain Fan couldn’t help but sighed helplessly, “Okay.

You have to hold on too.”

But there is no fuel drain on the plane, and they can only find a way to consume the fuel.

Ruan Sixian, who had been watching the instrument panel, waited until the plane was lowered to 15.000 feet, and asked: “Captain, put down the landing gear now”

Captain Fan nodded: “Put it down.”

Lowering the landing gear is not to prepare for landing, but they just want to increase the fuel consumption and reduce the fuel to below the maximum landing weight as soon as possible.

The flight altitude was slowly dropping, and Co-pilot Yu behind them almost couldn’t even groan anymore.

Ruan Sixian comforted in a low voice: “Senior Brother Yu, hold on a little longer.

We are almost there.”

There was no response from behind.

Captain Fan took a deep breath and said, “Little Ruan, prepare to use the air brake to increase the fuel consumption.”

Ruan Sixian was about to say okay, but the person behind them who was almost unable to groan, said: “N, no!”

Captain Fan didn’t care about Co-pilot Yu at all.

He was so anxious behind that he almost cried.

According to Hengshi Airlines’ regulations, if the engine thrust exceeds 66% when the air brake is used, it is considered a QAR level three event.

If this happens, it will seriously affect the promotion, upgrades, bonuses, income, etc.

of Co-pilot Yu in the future.

Although Ruan Sixian also wanted to scold the garbage rule, she could not really ignore it, but she could not dissuade Captain Fan either.

After all, on the plane, the captain has absolute right.

Sure enough, Co-pilot Yu, while forcing himself harder, began to say: “If you reduce, reduce it again, it will be QA…”

Before he could finish speaking, Captain Fan interrupted him: “You **ing shut up! I’m saving your life now! Is your life important or QAR important!”

It was unknown whether Co-pilot Yu has no energy to speak anymore or compromises with it.

In short, the back row is now quiet.

Nearly an hour later, the plane landed at Fudu Airport.

When the plane slowly approached the bridge under the guidance of the maintenance crew, Ruan Sixian looked back at Co-pilot Yu.

His clothes were completely wet with sweat, his eyes closed, his lips slightly opened, and he was breathing hard.

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When the plane stopped, the ambulance was ready and the medical staff went into the cockpit and helped Co-pilot Yu out.

But when he reached the cabin door, he suddenly turned back to Ruan Sixian: “Do, do me a favor.”

“What is it”

Co-pilot Yu: “My mobile phone password is six 8… Please help me give my girlfriend a safe landing report.”

Ruan Sixian nodded and said okay, and Co-pilot Yu finally went down.

In the previous few flights, Ruan Sixian knew about his habit.

Every time he landed, he would send a message to tell his girlfriend that he was safe and sound.

Captain Fan walked out, watched Co-pilot Yu being driven into the ambulance, and even did not forget to scold him.

But after all, it landed safely.

Ruan Sixian breathed a sigh of relief and went to find Co-pilot Yu’s mobile phone.

After calling his girlfriend to explain the situation, Ruan Sixian touched her own mobile phone.

As soon as she turned on the network, a phone call came in.

The phone number is not saved, but she knows who it belongs to.

As soon as there is a temporary change in Hengshi Airlines’ flight, the flight department will immediately inform him, so he is the only one who can accurately know the landing time and make a call.

But when Ruan Sixian thought of his appearance this morning, she didn’t really want to pick up this call.

After it rang for a while, Ruan Sixian finally picked it up.

“Hello, President Fu.”



There was a moment of silence on the other end.

Fu Mingyu might not know which pilot was in trouble for the time being, so maybe that’s why he called.

Ruan Sixian looked down at her fingers.

Her thumb was lightly pressed against the nail of her index finger, and she was about to say ‘Don’t worry, your double annual salary is okay’, but she heard him say: “Then return now and make the report immediately .”


She thought that Fu Mingyu immediately called to care about her.

She really thinks too highly of him.


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