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At this moment, the surroundings were quiet, and he was thinking about what Ruan Sixian said.

As soon as he got out of the car, Fu Mingyu suddenly said to Bo Yang: “Go and learn about Zheng You’an…and Mrs.


This sudden task was a little senseless, but Bo Yang didn’t dare to ask, only nodded and said okay.

When he arrived at the Huguang Mansion, Fu Mingyu felt that the atmosphere around him was not right as soon as he walked in.

He took off his coat and handed it to Aunt Luo next to him, and asked, “What’s wrong”

Aunt Luo frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “She is not happy again.”

Fu Mingyu walked toward the living room and saw Helan Xiang sitting on the sofa with her back straight, and the words ‘I’m not happy, don’t mess with me’ was written all over there.

Fu Mingyu naturally did not provoke her, and walked straight towards the second floor.

But misfortune cannot be avoided, the one that should come will always come.

Helan Xiang’s voice came faintly: “You don’t even say hello to me when you come back.

Do you take me as a sculpture”

Fu Mingyu stopped his steps helplessly, turned around and said, “What’s the matter”

Helan Xiang held the bird’s nest in front of her, took a slow sip, wiped the corners of her mouth, and said, “Say, how come there are such people”


“At the private auction this evening, everyone knows that I am going for master Yue Sanlin’s painting.

I have all my money ready too.

As a result, what did I see Oh, the master’s painting is not in the auction.

Guess what”

Fu Mingyu untied his tie, unbuttoned the collar, and dealt with it lazily, “What”

“Dong Xian has long been in liaison secretly, and bought the painting privately!”

Fu Mingyu didn’t want to listen anymore, turned around and continued upstairs, “You can do it too.”

“What do you mean you”

Helan Xiang said that and chased up, and Fu Mingyu naturally couldn’t leave again.

He sighed and said: “This kind of thing is not the first.

Since it is a private auction, she is not violating the rules, at most it could only be said as a little smarter.”

“Oh, does that mean it is my fault Blame me for not thinking about it in advance”

Fu Mingyu opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but after thinking about it again, he just let it go in the end.

“The other party didn’t do anything that was too much either.

Do you think the others who attended the auction will be so angry just like you too”

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Seeing him like this, Helan Xiang became even more angry: “What is this attitude of yours Others What do you mean by others Do you, like your father, think that women from other families are clever and sensible, and only me who was impervious to reason, only me who was making troubles unreasonably”


Helan Xiang just made a snort sound and intended to let go of Fu Mingyu.

But it was as if Fu Mingyu just thought of something, and he said, “It’s all the same.”


Helan Xiang was stunned for a while before she realized what Fu Mingyu meant, and cursed at the back of Fu Mingyu who went upstairs: “Fu Mingyu, you unfilial son!”

After he closed the door of the study, Fu Mingyu sat down at the table, raised his head and closed his eyes to rest.

The phone rang, and it was Bo Yang who called.

When he told him to ‘learn’ about the Zheng family’s affairs, he knew that it would not take much effort to get it done.

It’s just that Fu Mingyu usually doesn’t care about other people’s family affairs, so he was absolutely ignorant of it.

Fu Mingyu answered the phone, and Bo Yang, on the other end, told him the information he had learned one by one.

“President Zheng and the current Mrs.

Zheng are in their second marriage.”

“President Zheng’s first wife died of illness not long after giving birth to Miss Zheng.”

“The current Mrs.

Zheng also has an ex-husband, but he had passed away a long time ago.”

Bo Yang paused, and told the most critical information he found: “Mrs.

Zheng had a daughter before, and that is Ruan Sixian.”


Fu Mingyu’s heart suddenly jumped.

After a long silence, Fu Mingyu hung up the phone.

He closed his eyes again and tried to sort out these several days’ affairs.

In fact, it is not difficult.

As long as he knows the relationship between Ruan Sixian and Zheng You’an, he will know everything.

It turned out that she was not stubborn and reluctant to admit the defeats.

It turns out that her emotions these past few days really have nothing to do with him.

The embarrassment was fleeting, and was replaced by an inexplicable anxiety and a feeling of emptiness instead.

He can’t say why, but it keeps blocking his chest.


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