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The rain in midsummer is just like a woman’s temper.

It comes whenever it comes.

Si Xiaozhen cautiously parked the car in the parking lot and got into the elevator.

When she rang the doorbell, Ruan Sixian had just finished her meal and was clearing the table.

Si Xiaozhen walked in and saw a lot of leftovers on the table.

The color of these basically untouched meals is still very bright.

Ruan Sixian opened the refrigerator and after filling it halfway, she found that it almost couldn’t fit in there.

Si Xiaozhen came over to help her pour it into the smaller bowl together, and asked, “Why do you order so much food by yourself”

She picked up the plate and looked at it.

“It’s still the Western Banquet’s one.

You’re extravagant.”

“Other people ordered it.” Ruan Sixian said, “I didn’t eat it alone.”

“Who came” Si Xiaozhen closed the refrigerator, turned around and saw the claypot rice on the coffee table again, “Why is there claypot rice too”

Ruan Sixian wiped the table, moving dexterously, and asked instead: “Why are you here Bring me the trash can.”

Si Xiaozhen went in accordance with her words and said: “There was a traffic accident on the viaduct today.

I think the road may be blocked for a long time and it’s raining so heavily too.

So I just came to your place to have a rest.

Ah, I just saw Yan’an from Beihang Airlines outside.”

Ruan Sixian said “Oh”, and Si Xiaozhen asked again, “Is he still chasing you”

With that, Si Xiaozhen paused for a while but said again: “Did you just have dinner with him”

“No, how is it possible I’ve made it clear to him.

It’s just that he drank too much tonight and called me, but we didn’t meet.”

Ruan Sixian cleaned up the table, walked to the kitchen and left behind a sentence: “It’s Fu Mingyu who came to eat.”

Until she washed her hands and walked out, Si Xiaozhen was still stunned in place, with a ‘don’t f*cking tease me’ expression on her face.

“What are you doing”

Ruan Sixian asked.

“What are you doing” Si Xiaozhen asked back, “President Fu came to your house for dinner”

“Yes, it’s him, you heard me right.”

“Why did he come here”

Ruan Sixian did not answer for a while.

Why came here

Because I think he wants to chase me.

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“…Talk about work.


Si Xiaozhen was stunned for a long time before she sent out a syllable to express her emotion.


“Talk about work, need to be done at home”

“No, I was too tired today, he did it for my convenience.”

Si Xiaozhen nodded suspiciously, thought for a while, and looked at Ruan Sixian ambiguously: “President Fu is really considerate towards his employees.”

Ruan Sixian cast a look, and Si Xiaozhen immediately said seriously: “Then why don’t you guys seem to eat much”

“This is not the point.

I am so angry today.”

“Ah What “

Ruan Sixian took Si Xiaozhen to sit down, told her what happened today, and explained why the food at the table was almost untouched.

She found that she had a surprisingly good memory today, and she actually repeated the conversation between the two word by word.


At the end of the retelling, her voice gradually became quieter, and finally touched her chest, carefully asking: “Do I have a bad temper today”

“I don’t know if you have a good temper or not, but I think President Fu has a really good temper.”

Recalling it calmly at this moment, she realized that it seemed to be so.

Then Ruan Sixian touched her lower abdomen: “Is my period coming soon”

Without waiting for Si Xiaozhen’s answer, she opened the menstrual period recording software and looked at it.

It was really true.

Ruan Sixian bit her nails quietly.

Si Xiaozhen on the side was still chattering: “Say, why did you get angry inexplicably anyway Although his tone is not very good, I think you just transferred your unhappiness with Zheng You’an to him.

Alas, I really think you are… “


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