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“What did you want to say just now”

Fu Mingyu asked.

Originally, the small seedling had been retracted, but now Fu Mingyu has taken the initiative to raise it again and it makes Ruan Sixian feel a little bit overwhelmed.

She pondered for a moment, then slowly said, “What do you think of Zheng You’an”

If Ruan Sixian looked up at this time, she could see that the smile at the corner of Fu Mingyu’s mouth disappeared, and he took a deep breath instead.

“How do you know her name”

Ruan Sixian grabbed the spoon and muttered: “You don’t have to care about how I knew it.”

“Why do you care so much about her”

“Why do you care why I care about her.”


Fu Mingyu put down his chopsticks and looked at Ruan Sixian solemnly.

“I have already said that she is just the boss’ daughter from the company I work with.

Her parents have a closer relationship to my parents, and that’s it.”

Both side’s parents have a closer relationship…

Ruan Sixian stirred the spoon slightly, and asked: “Then what do you think of her.”

After spitting out a long breath, Fu Mingyu wondered how many times his patience had doubled in just a few months that he even explained the same thing three times.

“I have known her for less than two years, met no more than four times, said no more than 20 sentences.

How would I know about her How is she, what’s that got to do with me”

Ruan Sixian: “……”

I wasted so much time but it turns out that you are not familiar with her.

If you are not familiar, then you are not familiar.

Why do you have to talk so aggressively

You so eagerly ran to me for dinner together, but I am not allowed to chat a few words with you

You are sick.

Ruan Sixian was filled with anger.

She put down the spoon and had no appetite to eat anymore.

“Just forget it if you don’t know.”

Seeing Ruan Sixian like this, Fu Mingyu was not in the mood to eat.

He put down his chopsticks and looked directly at the opposite side.

“Ruan Sixian.”


“Eat more.”

“No appetite.”

Fu Mingyu pressed his tongue down, closed his eyes, and said, “What are you still angry about”

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Ruan Sixian also felt inexplicable: “Why do you think that I am angry”

“Go take a mirror, look at it yourself and see how dark your face looks.”

Ruan Sixian snorted, “Wasn’t I always like this It’s not the first day you met me.”

Fu Mingyu sneered: “So you know that you have a bad attitude towards me”

Ruan Sixian also doesn’t bother to look at him, “If you didn’t provoke me, would I treat you like this”

“When did I provoked you”

“Did you not realize what kind of tone you just used to talk to me It’s you who wants to come to me for dinner but I am not allowed to speak.

Why, am I just a dish for you to go with the rice”

Fu Mingyu raised a hand and forced himself to compromise, “Okay, stop.

Just consider it as my fault, okay”

Ruan Sixian: “……”

It was originally your fault what does it mean with consider it as your fault are you feeling aggrieved now[1]

Fortunately, the doorbell rang at this time.

Ruan Sixian didn’t bother to talk more with him and went to open the door without even asking.

Her movement was so vigorous that she frightened the takeout driver when she opened the door.

“I, I’m sorry, my motorcycle broke down on the road.

I pushed it here and registered in the security office for a long time, so I arrived late.

I’m sorry.”

Hear that It was only for a few dollars of takeout fees but the takeout driver’s attitude is even better than Fu Mingyu’s.

And he still wants to chase a woman With this f*cking attitude of his Chase a fart!


How come it turned into swearing by herself.

It’s all blamed on Fu Mingyu for making her angry.

Ruan Sixian took the takeout and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, you have worked hard, I will give you a good review.”

After she finished speaking, she took mineral water from the cabinet on her side and gave it to him, “It’s hot out there, please have some drink.”

The takeout driver took the water in a flattered manner, and almost wrote a few words of gratitude on his face, “Thank you, thank you!”

After closing the door, Ruan Sixian turned around and saw Fu Mingyu sitting at her table like a Master, and looked at her with a downcasted face, as if she owed him millions.

Not wanting to look at him face to face anymore, Ruan Sixian took the takeout and sat on the sofa.

Then she quickly opened it and ate with a spoon.


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