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If it’s the first time he hears Ruan Sixian say such a thing, Fu Mingyu would be furious.

If it’s the second time he hears it, his blood will surge.

Now, however, Fu Mingyu only sighed.

He had no emotion other than helplessness.

He turned around in silence then went to the table and took the scissor.

He took apart the hairy crabs and then cleaned all the rope packages on the table.

“Let’s eat.”

Ruan Sixian ran to wash her hands and took the lead to sit at the table, while Fu Mingyu went to wash his hands.

Glancing at the food on the table, Ruan Sixian found that there was a small ice bag next to it.

When she opened it, there was a cream puff inside.

Compared to hot meals, she wants to eat a bite of sweets more in this hot day.

And after breaking the puff, the soft cream came out, and Ruan Sixian took a big bite immediately.

After eating the puffs, she sucked the cream on her fingers while looking for tissues.

Fu Mingyu just came out after washing his hands at this moment.

His eyes fell on Ruan Sixian’s fingers and lower lip.

His eyes suddenly darkened a little bit and his chest suddenly itched.

“Wipe it.”

He handed a tissue from the cupboard behind him.

Ruan Sixian wiped her fingers, and the two sat down face to face.

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak and picked up his chopsticks to eat, while Ruan Sixian took a sip of the soup and glanced at Fu Mingyu who was on the opposite side, feeling that life was still quite wonderful.

She never dreamed that she would eat peacefully at the same table with Fu Mingyu.

However, she did not forget her real purpose for letting Fu Mingyu in.

The spoon was stirred gently in the bowl once and again, as she stared at the dish in front of her, wondering how to say it.

Just now Fu Mingyu said that Zheng You’an is the daughter of the boss from his cooperative company.

Ruan Sixian knew this, but she didn’t know that Fu Mingyu and Zheng You’an knew each other, and they seemed to have a good relationship too.

After all, all she knows about Zheng You’an were from what she read unilaterally in Zheng Youan’s Weibo.

She never really contacted her, not even indirectly.

Ruan Sixian always knew that she was acting a little strange regarding matters about Zheng You’an.

When she accidentally discovered Zheng Youan’s Weibo, she even hoped that she was a boastful and dull rich second-generation, drowned in luxurious life all day long, arrogant and domineering, only have the polished outlook but was foul inside, and frustrated, so that she would feel a little fairness in her heart.

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You don’t want your own biological daughter and went to be someone else’s stepmother, but that child is not that good either, not as good as I am.

But Zheng You’an is not such a person.

At least Ruan Sixian has a one-sided understanding of her through Weibo.

Although she likes to spend so much money and also expose luxurious life socially, she can still see her complaining about missing the first-class scholarship on Weibo, and sometimes she also showed off the photography awards that she had won.

She even knows from Weibo that her three dogs and one cat were actually picked up.

Ruan Sixian even saw those dogs and cat on her Weibo went from pitiful to chubby day after day.

This makes Ruan Sixian’s dislike of Zheng You’an in her heart seem improper.

She feels like a peeping villain hiding in the dark.

But while she hated her own mentality, she was also curious whether Zheng You’an’ private life was really the same as it was shown on Weibo, and she was also curious about the real relationship between her and Dong Xian.

Fu Mingyu seems to be the only line connecting her with Zheng You’an.


Ruan Sixian was about to speak, but at the same time Fu Ming also opened his mouth to say, “You…”

The two were stunned for a while.

Ruan Sixian withdrew her concealed thoughts at once, and immediately said, “You speak first.”

Fu Mingyu said: “Will you finish your flight next week”

Ruan Sixian nodded.

After a while, Ruan Sixian suddenly looked up.


Fu Mingyu’s eyes swept over her, with a faint smile on his face.

“What else do you want me to say”

Ruan Sixian:

Do you think you are from the Deyunshe[1], where there are people who are looking forward to listening to you all day long.

Ruan Sixian didn’t answer.

She lowered her head and took a sip of the soup.

[1] Deyunshe : one of the most famous cross talk societies in China.


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