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Ruan Sixian turned over on the sofa, did not reply to Fu Mingyu’s message and continued to play the game.

The summer travelling peak came as scheduled, and with the launch of the Expo in Jiangcheng, Hengshi Airlines increased its capacity, opened and encrypted many routes.

However, the weather has not been good recently.

A large number of passenger flows and severe weather are superimposed.

Ruan Sixian is so busy that she even does not know whether she is standing on her head or on her heels.

Beside the guaranteed rest time, all her flight hours were filled.

It happened that today’s flight encountered a thunderstorm, and the crew had to submit a written report within ten days.

Because Ruan Sixian was about to leave the flight phase, the Captain took her and the Co-pilot to draft a flight report at Hengshi Airlines’ Flight Department, which could be considered as teaching them hand in hand.

After the work is done, the sun has already set, and only a ray of sunlight was left on the horizon to illuminate the clouds.

When today ends, she will have two days off.

In just two seconds, she has arranged the itinerary for these two days.

——Eat well, go to the gym, and lie down at home.

No one can let her leave home unless the earth explodes.

As she walked to the elevator, she looked up at the ten regional clocks hanging on the wall.

It turned out to be almost eight o’clock.

On the clock, there is the date and the day.

It’s Saturday.

Why does she have the feeling that someone once mentioned about Saturday.

She settled in front of the elevator.

Within this one second, Bo Yang, who came out to look for her, saw her figure.

Seeing that she was about to enter the elevator, Bo Yang hurriedly shouted from behind: “Miss Ruan!”

Ruan Sixian didn’t notice it at that time.

She stepped into the elevator and the Captain who stood in front of her pressed the elevator door.

Bo Yang hurriedly shouted “Ruan Sixian” again, with a louder voice, and all the passing employees glanced sideways at him.

The Captain immediately pressed the open button on the door and Ruan Sixian probed out, “Is there anything”

Bo Yang waved to Ruan Sixian from a distance, and saw that she was not moving, before walking to the elevator entrance himself.

“President Fu wants you to go to his office.”

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“Me” Ruan Sixian asked, “What’s the matter”

The captain behind her also asked: “Is it because of the thunderstorm today I have drafted a report.”

Bo Yang said no, “He just want Co-pilot Ruan to go over.”

The eyes of the Captain and the Co-pilot immediately focused on Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian’s back tightened.

What is this dog man going to do again

However, this is Hengshi Airlines.

Fu Mingyu asked her to go to the office.

She had no reason to refuse.

Ruan Sixian exited the elevator and entered another elevator with Boyang.

This is the first time she has come to Fu Mingyu’s office.

Passing through an automatic sensor glass door, there are two rows of workstations next to the aisle, with four assistants sitting there.

Seeing Bo Yang was bringing Ruan Sixian over, two of them looked up curiously.

But their eyes quickly retracted when Bo Yang opened the door to Fu Mingyu’s office.

When Ruan Sixian walked in, Fu Mingyu was taking off his suit jacket at the table.

Seeing Ruan Sixian coming, he paused slightly and looked back, but he did not speak.

Then he continued to take off his half-opened jacket again.

As his arms are stretched back, the muscle lines on his chest are looming behind the shirt.

He didn’t notice Ruan Sixian’s gaze and only put down his jacket, then pulled off his tie with his right hand, and turned the chair with the other hand to sit down.

If this face was covered, Ruan Sixian thought, and she doesn’t know that it is Fu Mingyu, the scene just now was quite sexy.

However, looking at him like this, it doesn’t seem like there is anything serious to talk about.

Sure enough, in the next second, he said: “Didn’t you look at your phone”

“No, I didn’t.” Ruan Sixian asked, “What’s wrong”

Fu Mingyu turned a pen in his hand and his gaze fell on Ruan Sixian’s face.

He lightly swept over it, and said: “I will have a video conference after this.

Wait for me for a while.

When it’s over, I will take you to dinner.”

Ruan Sixian: “……”


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