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She has a gentle voice and deliberately softened her tone.

It is difficult for anyone to say a word of rejection, even if it is just a child.

The little boy thought about it carefully and then turned off the iPad.

“Then I want to pee.”

Ruan Sixian reached out to him and said: “Let’s go.

I’ll take you there.”

Although it is in a cruise state now, the plane may encounter turbulence at any time.

It is Ruan Sixian’s responsibility to protect the safety of children.

Passing by Fu Mingyu, Ruan Sixian looked down.

He was lying flat, breathing steadily and sleeping peacefully.

Ruan Sixian suddenly felt that this was an opportunity, so she stopped her steps and said to the child, “Little friend, please wait for a while.”

Then she bent over and put the letter by Fu Mingyu’s pillow.

When his fingers touched the pillow, Fu Mingyu pursed his lips, which frightened Ruan Sixian, thinking that he was not asleep at all.

Fortunately, he just tilted his head.

However, Fu Mingyu did not open his eyes, but the little children by her side could see it clearly.

“Sister, are you sending a love letter”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

How did this little kid know so much

“No Ruan Sixian didn’t want to give him more explanation, “Let’s go, or the toilet will be occupied in a while.”

The child treated it as if he did not hear Ruan Sixian’s words, and acted like a small adult: “This brother is indeed very handsome, but sister, you should not be too shy.

I have received love letters too.

It’s really nothing.

Very normal.”

Ruan Sixian almost could not hold back her anger.

You little kid, even if you want to give a speech, but can you not give it here What if Fu Mingyu didn’t fall asleep and was just resting

Ruan Sixian took a deep breath for the third time today and dragged him to the toilet.

It only took a few minutes to come and go.

When Ruan Sixian led the child back, she found that Fu Mingyu was not asleep.

He had straightened the seat back, turned on the reading light and was looking at the iPad.

At such a high speed, Ruan Sixian even suspected that he had not really fallen asleep just now.

But seeing that his expression is normal, he probably didn’t hear them.

She also wondered whether he saw the letter or not.

When passing by Fu Mingyu, Ruan Sixian couldn’t help poking her head and looking over.

The letter didn’t seem to be found by him, but instead fell to the ground because he straightened the seat.

Ruan Sixian had mixed feelings in her heart.

Now she not only had to send it again, but also had to pick it up in front of him without anyone noticing it.

It was not only Ruan Sixian who saw the letter, but also the little children next to her.

It’s still alright if he only saw it but he also has to say it aloud: “Sister, your love letter fell to the ground.”

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Ruan Sixian: “…”

I already saw it, you don’t have to talk too much.

That’s not it.

It’s not a love letter!

Fu Mingyu heard the words and looked over.

After just one glance, he found that the person next to him was Ruan Sixian, he quickly turned his head again, with an inexplicable smile hanging on the corners of his mouth.

It’s not an unclear meaning.

Ruan Sixian obviously felt the sarcasm on his face.

What are you laughing at

What’s so funny

This is really not a love letter!

Ruan Sixian found that since Fu Mingyu got on the plane, he had spoken to her a total of five sentences, two of which were just two words, but he had changed her from a gentle and kind fairy into an explosive bag that could detonate at any time.

What kind of devil is this

Of course, Ruan Sixian only dared to roar in her heart and keep smiling on the surface.

“Little friend, this is not a love letter.”

“Then what is it”

“It’s a petition letter.”

“Isn’t it a love letter too”


Ruan Sixian looked back.

Fortunately, Fu Mingyu didn’t seem to notice their conversation.

After getting the kid back to his seat, Ruan Sixian squatted down to fasten his seat belt and touched his forehead.

“Rest early.”

At the end of the words, she took a deep breath, then slowly stood up and turned to look at Fu Mingyu.

His attention seems to have been completely attracted by the iPad, and he didn’t give Ruan Sixian any attention at all.

This is the best.

Ruan Sixian went to him and quickly picked up the letter and handed it to him.

“President Fu, don’t get me wrong.

This is my…”

She has not yet finished her words, the plane suddenly bumped up without warning.

Moreover, the amplitude was still a bit large.

Many passengers were startled awake, and the seat belt indicator lights quickly lit up.

Ruan Sixian has been flying for two years, and she knows from experience that this time it may not only be caused by the airflow, but may even be caused by cumulus clouds and rain.

It was too late to think about other things.

Safety was the most important thing.

She did not dare to move.

She immediately grasped the back of Fu Mingyu’s seat to ensure her stability.


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