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“I kindly point it out for you.

If you don’t want to listen, then just let it be.

Why are you so fierce”

Ni Tong feels that people like Ruan Sixian are sometimes incomprehensible.

She clutches her cramped belly and walks to the living room, puts her butt down, and feels that her stomach hurts even more.

Ruan Sixian brought the brown sugar water over and put it in front of Ni Tong.

Ni Tong doesn’t want to drink and turns her face away, “I don’t want to drink this…”

Before she finished speaking, she saw Ruan Sixian retract her arm, tilted her head up, and took a big mouthful by herself.

The series of actions were smooth and flowing, and they were completed in one go, completely without hesitation, and it made Ni Tong stunned.

“Okay, don’t drink then”

Ruan Sixian sat down after speaking, holding a mobile phone in one hand and brown sugar water in the other, taking a sip from time to time, with the appearance as if drinking tea.

Completely ignored the patient next to her.

Ni Tong was aggrieved, but she couldn’t outspoken Ruan Sixian and her stomach still hurts, so she could only curl up aggrievedly.

Suddenly, she felt Ruan Sixian at the end of the sofa moved.

Thinking that her foot had touched her, she immediately curled up, trying to make no physical contact with Ruan Sixian.

It’s too frightening.

Ni Tong felt that she could not provoke Ruan Sixian in the future.

This woman even dared to scold the boss when her madness acted up.

Maybe she also dares to do something towards her.

It will be impossible to beat her in a fight too.

Ni Tong has heard that Ruan Sixian has a very strong physical fitness test.

The corner of Ruan Sixian’s eye caught her movements and she smiled.

Then she got up and went to the kitchen to pour a cup of brown sugar water again.

“It will get cold if you don’t drink it again.”

Ni Tong took it, buried her head and finished drinking.

Ruan Sixian handed out a piece of tissue as soon as she put down the cup.

“Thank you.”

She whispered, but the other side did not answer it.

The two occupied the sofa in silence.

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An hour later, Ni Tong’s mother called.

“Ah…I’m leaving now.” Ni Tong picked up her own things and stood up, “I’m much better now.”

Ruan Sixian asked insincerely without lifting her head: “Do you want me to send you down”

“No need, no need.

My mother is here to pick me up.”

Ni Tong put on her shoes and held the doorknob.

“Thank you for today.”

Ruan Sixian said again very indifferently, “No need to thank me.”

Ni Tong felt that although Ruan Sixian’s way of speaking was too cold, her heart still inevitably warmed.

So before leaving, she still wanted to teach her the way of chasing a man based on her own experience.

Before she could even speak, she heard Ruan Sixian say again: “How old are you already Still have to be picked up by your mother.

You are already old enough to be a mother yourself.”


What’s this got to do with you I will always be a baby!

After Ni Tong greatly controlled the sound of closing the door to express that she was too angry to speak, Ruan Sixian finally raised her head and glanced at the door.

The room was quiet again in an instant.

A few minutes later, Ruan Sixian walked to the balcony and saw a middle-aged woman lead Ni Tong out.

She felt that she had just spoken too sour of words, and she was portraying a live vicious female cannon fodder.

But the female cannon fodder didn’t control herself, and after a month, she clicked on Zheng You’an’ Weibo again.

It so happened that ten minutes ago, Zheng You’an posted three photos on her Weibo.

The first picture is the blue sky and white clouds outside the window.

The second picture is a silk scarf folded in a gift box, embroidered with the word ‘Xian’, and the picture is written with colored fonts ‘Silk scarf designed by mother~’.

Seeing this, Ruan Sixian sighed silently.

Turning to the third picture, it is the situation inside the plane.

She did not take a full picture, only one corner of the seat, and the figure of Bo Yang in front of her was faintly visible.

Still dared to say it’s not a girlfriend.

It’s not a girlfriend, but you take her to fly in your plane.

It’s not a girlfriend, but you take the person to Spain to play.


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