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The annoyance appeared from time to time these days.

When he closed his eyes and rested, and when he was eating alone, he couldn’t catch it and couldn’t figure it out.

It was even more depressing than the sultry weather.

On the other side, Helan Xiang looked at the woman walking towards Dong Xian, and smiled: “It’s been a long time since I saw You’an, and I didn’t see You’an in the last painting exhibition too.

Where did you go”

Dong Xian’s arm was held by Zheng You’an, and she sighed: “She has grown up, doesn’t want to stay at home anymore and run out all day long.

She went to Australia to see the customs with her teacher during the last art exhibition, and only came back yesterday.”

“It’s always like this when the child already grows up.” Helan Xiang pointed to Fu Mingyu in front of her.

“The one in my house is the same.

I never saw him stay at home for more than a few days throughout the year.

And see, he is going to Spain for a business trip again next week and I don’t know how long it will take.”

Zheng You’an asked after hearing this: “Is he going to Spain next week”


What’s the matter”

Zheng You’an pursed her lips and didn’t speak.

Dong Xian looked up at Fu Mingyu and said, “You’an will also go to Spain next week, but this time she will not be with her teacher.

She wants to go alone and I can’t stop her no matter what.”

“This is good.” Helan Xiang looked up and down at Zheng You’an and thought, my son flew everywhere every day, and I had never stopped him.

But the words she spoke were, “You’an learn photography, and she will have to run around the world in the future.

You will get used to it.”

Dong Xian said, “After all, she is a girl, and I am always worried that she has never been to such a far place alone.”

Helan Xiang has no daughter and can’t understand Dong Xian’s mood, so she can only perfunctorily say, “There is nothing to worry about.

There is a driver that will send and pick her up anywhere she goes.

It’s very safe.”

All the words have been said to this point and Dong Xian asked casually: “How will Fu Mingyu go there”

This time, Fu Mingyu went to inspect the Spanish business department.

There were many people who were accompanying him, so naturally he was flying privately.

When Dong Xian heard this, she said that she would be more relieved if he could take Zheng You’an with him.

It was actually not a big deal, so no matter what Helanxiang thought, it had to be agreed on the spot.

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It’s just that she was a little worried afterwards.

She was afraid that Fu Mingyu would be unhappy, and blamed her for making the decision on her own.

But after Fu Mingyu learned about it, he showed no other emotions.

It’s just to bring one more person, as if to bring one more piece of luggage, so he wouldn’t put even the slightest mind to this kind of thing at all.

On the early morning of Wednesday in the second week, Ruan Sixian strode forward with the flight case, and the entire crew moved quickly.

Because it is a charter flight, boarding is required at the business terminal.

Although there are no other passengers on the road, the distance is farther.

Ni Tong took the cabin crew to follow with a bit of difficulty, and muttered to her back: “Why does she need to walk so fast for…”

But unexpectedly, Ruan Sixian heard this sentence and looked back at her: “Do you have short legs”

Ni Tong’s eyes widened as soon as she heard it, “I am 1.7 meters tall if I take off my shoes, okay!”

“I am also 1.7 meters tall.” Ruan Sixian said, “Why am I so much faster than you Say, isn’t it because your legs are short”

Ni tong can not refute her and was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

She can only pull a stiff smile on the corner of her mouth.

Her expression made Ruan Sixian amused instead, slowed down and walked beside her, unknowingly followed the habit of teasing girls learned by a group of men in the flight academy, “Have you ever measured the proportion Is your leg’s length a hundred (cm) long”

“I’m one hundred and one!”

“There shouldn’t be.

I guess it’s 95 (cm) at most.”

Ni Tong turned her head away and rolled her eyes white, too lazy to care about her.

Ruan Sixian didn’t tease her anymore after finishing the talk.

When the group walked to the corner, they suddenly saw seven or eight people coming in front of them.

Although it was still more than ten meters away, Ruan Sixian recognized from a distance that Fu Mingyu was walking in the forefront.

As always, with this ‘I am the strongest in this great world’ aura, who else could be there except him.


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