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Ruan Sixian’s voice became a little hoarse, “And these days, the wind has been very strong, and the outside of the window was blowing noisily.

I always feel that a thief has come in over the wall.

Although I live on more than ten floors now, and there are security guards in the community, I still feel as if I’m still living in the community, and thieves often turn over the window to steal other people’s things.”

“Hey, let’s not talk about it again.

You don’t even know what a cumulonimbus cloud is.” Ruan Sixian rubbed her eyes and pulled out a book from her bag, “I’ll read you some poem.”

The hanging papers placed by the descendants of another grave were blown away by the wind and floated to Ruan Sixian.

She was unaware of it, and her thin and hoarse voice was intermittent in this cemetery.

The wind behind her not only made the tree restless but also made the clouds gather and disperse in the sky.

The bright sun gradually converges, and under the drive of time, it quietly falls on the West Mountain.

When the clock was pointing to seven o’clock, the afternoon had passed.

Two old people in charge of cleaning were walking around with broomsticks, and their cloth shoes stepped on the grass.

Their voices were clear and audible.

At the same time, at the Jiangcheng State Banquet Hotel, the stars and the moon were shining, and the four tuxedo waiters stood one by one outside the dark golden gate, lifting their white gloves to lead the guests into the floating golden world.

The room is brightly lit.

Fresh pale pink lilies are everywhere, either wrapped in columns, or in full bloom on the table, or clustered next to pastries.

The room is full of various vivid colors.

The sound of cello and piano is endless and the guests are talking noisily but it was not chaotic, which creates a wonderful sense of harmony.

A black Bentley slowly stopped at the door.

Two waiters immediately stepped forward and opened the left and right doors respectively.

Fu Mingyu got out of the car first.

After a moment, Helan Xiang came out from the other side, took his arm and walked in under the guidance of the waiter.

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Before Helan Xiang stepped in, she looked around and caught a glimpse of today’s protagonist.

Helan Xiang whispered in a low voice: “I knew it.

She was wearing a plain dress again today.

Standing there softly and weakly, accomplishing a great task with just a little effort, making me look like a peacock with heavy makeup.”

Fu Mingyu raised his hand to help her go up the stairs, but did not look towards the person that Helan Xiang was looking at.

Helan Xiang lifted her lake-blue high-fishtail skirt and walked forward gracefully.

When the mother and son appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of some of the guests, and the host naturally saw it too.

Seeing Dong Xian coming towards her, Helan Xiang said in a low voice, “She didn’t even apply the lipstick today.

It looked all the more like it is my wedding anniversary.”

Fu Mingyu looked ahead, but said softly, “since you don’t like her so much, don’t attend her dinner party anymore in the future.”

“That won’t work, my gallery still has to cooperate with her.”

With that, Helan Xiang went up with a smiling face as if she had changed her face, “Mrs.

Zheng! What a beautiful dress you have today!”

Upon seeing this, Fu Mingyu rubbed his eyebrows and drove to keep up.

Dong Xian and Helan Xiang exchanged greetings for a while, and then looked at Fu Mingyu by the side, “I received the necklace you gave.

I like it very much.

You really give a lot of care to it.”

“How would he give any care.” Helan Xiang continued to say, “It’s all my choice.

How could he understand these things.”

Fu Mingyu, who was by the side, nodded.

Echoing his mother’s words.

After the greeting, as Helan Xiang and Fu Mingyu have different social circles, they naturally separated.

The waiter holding the tray passed by Fu Mingyu.

He took a cup, turned around and looked back, and saw the figure of Dong Xian standing side by side with Helan Xiang.

There was even a moment of daze.

He looked over attentively, and saw the shadow of another person on her side.

There’s agitation in his heart, and finally it turned into a burst of annoyance.


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