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When Ruan Sixian came out of the elevator again, Fu Mingyu’s car had just drove out of her sight.

Looking at the direction of the car’s departure, Ruan Sixian was in a daze for a while.

In that minute, she figured out when she would have time to take a car driver’s license and buy another car, so as not to wait for a car under the sun on such a sunny day in the future.

There’s no other way, as the temperature in June soared so fast that there was no buffer time at all.

Jiangcheng is just like a stove city, and such high temperatures will last until October.

At the entrance, only the eaves of the security post has the cover from the sun, and Ruan Sixian stood there waiting for the car.

As soon as she stood still, there was a person that came and stood beside her.

At first, she just caught a glimpse of the uniform that the person was wearing was familiar, and when she turned her head to take a look, both of them were stunned.

Ni Tong pulled the flight case and looked at each other with Ruan Sixian for a second, before looking away again.

After a few minutes of silence, Ruan Sixian opened her mouth first.

“You live here too”

“…No.” Ni Tong’s eyes floated around, just not looking at Ruan Sixian, “My best friend lives here.”

Ruan Sixian just gave an “Oh” and stopped talking.

After a while, Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone showed that the car she had called was coming soon, and she could go to the intersection to wait then get in the car.

Before leaving, she looked back at Ni Tong, “Have you got the car”

Ni Tong looked at her mobile phone after hearing the words.

She is still in line.

Because of the morning peak, there are still more than forty people in front of her.

“… No.

“Let’s go.” The car that Ruan Sixian had called for has just arrived, and she waved to Ni Tong, “You may be late again if you wait for it.”

“…It won’t be.

I’m two hours ahead of schedule today.

“All right.” Ruan Sixian walked forward, “Then you can just get tanned.”

Although the eaves can block the sunlight, they can’t protect people from ultraviolet rays.

Those who work at high altitude usually pay special attention to sun protection, otherwise their skin will age very quickly.

Ni Tong hesitated for two seconds between waiting in line for the car under the big sun or dragging along in Ruan Sixian’s car, before she quietly followed over with the flight case.

She had seen this week’s flight mission yesterday.

It was a coincidence that next week, the national team players chartered a flight.

It so happened that she and Ruan Sixian were arranged on that flight.

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Anyway, when the time comes, they must cooperate.

So, what is the stalemate for

After getting in the car, the two people sat on opposite ends, and no one spoke.

Ruan Sixian looked down at her mobile phone, while Ni Tong secretly peeked at her several times.

Ni Tong was still worried about what happened in the elevator last time, but they will have to cooperate with each other in two more days, so she should ease the relationship in advance.

What should she say…

Ni Tong licked the corners of his lips and suddenly said, “Are you really chasing President Fu”


Ruan Sixian raised her head, not looking at Ni Tong, and directly said to the driver: “Mister, please pull over and stop.

Someone wants to get off.”


Ni Tong was anxious, “This is in the middle of nowhere, why are you like this!”

“I’m just like this.” Ruan Sixian glanced at her, “Or you can just shut up.”

Ni Tong was angry but didn’t dare to speak, and moved towards the car door again, thinking that if she had known it would be like this, she would not get in this car.

It was silent all the way till they got out of the car.

Ni Tong took the flight case down.

When she looked back, Ruan Sixian had walked away a long distance.

“What kind of person is this…”

Ni Tong dragged the flight case angrily to follow, and parted ways with Ruan Sixian at the elevator entrance.

Ruan Sixian is on vacation today, but there is a safety lecture.

All pilots and maintenance personnel who are not on the flight have to attend it.

When their rest time was taken up, many people complained in their hearts.

The lecture was boring.

The expert talked about it for a few hours, and finally got to the end.

It was noon when it was over, and it was already impossible to return to bed and get a good sleep.

While listening to the lecture, Ruan Sixian sat with a mechanic and chatted quietly for a while, and found that they were actually from the same high school.


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