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Men are idiots.

No words can describe Ruan Sixian’s mental states more accurately than this sentence at this moment.

She subconsciously retracted the letter, squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying.

She wanted to say something, but found that she could not say even a word.

Fortunately, Fu Mingyu stopped looking at her after saying this, or maybe he just treated it like there’s no such person in front of him, reached out his hand to turn off the reading light, then laid down his seat and closed his eyes to rest.

The surrounding passengers were very quiet.

Occasionally there is a sound of turning books or the sound of a cup softly bumped into something.

It seems as if no one notices what happened here.

But Ruan Sixian knows that at the moment, she has a lot of eyes attached to her body, which are all for watching the fun.

Ruan Sixian gritted her teeth, turned and left with coffee.

Back in the storage room, she put the coffee pot down heavily and startled Jiang Ziyue who was also in the room.

“What happened to you”

Jiang ziyue asked.


Although Ruan Sixian was holding her anger, she did not dare to complain about the boss in front of the Purser.

Although she and Jiang Ziyue usually have a good relationship but a colleague is still a colleague, gossiping behind someone’s back may turn into a knife that could cut her one day.

Jiang Ziyue asked again, “By the way, Si Xiaozhen’s thing… have you sent it out “

Ruan Sixian said coldly, “Forget it.

I won’t send it anymore.”

With that, Ruan Sixian suddenly widened her eyes, “You know about it”

Jiang Ziyue shrugged, turned to lean against the cabinet, “She also looked for me this afternoon.”

Jiang Ziyue is more senior than Ruan Sixian and others.

In the early days, she was the Si Xiaozhen’s flight instructor, and because she was the Purser, Si Xiaozhen thought that she might be more able to speak about it, so she asked Jiang ziyue for help first.

But Jiang Ziyue directly refused.

Not to mention that the matter has nothing to do with herself, this matter is too ridiculous too.

So, why take it on herself.

Ruan Sixian figured out her main point and nodded, “I haven’t found a chance yet.”

Things like opportunities are all rhetoric.

The person is just sitting there.

Isn’t it only a matter of minutes if she really wants to send it there

Jiang ziyue approached and asked, “You don’t dare”

“Yes, I dare not.” Ruan Sixian pulled the corners of her mouth and laughed grimly, “It’s quite embarrassing.”

What if later others think that she is sending out a love letter

“How come There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

” Jiang Ziyue picked up three steaks and squeezed past Ruan Sixian, “I’m going to deliver the supper to the crew.

That matter of yours… Later, after the light goes out, just send it over quietly, and no one will know.”

Hearing Jiang Ziyue said this, Ruan Sixian’s mood soon turned a corner.

Seems to make sense.

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Just now Fu Mingyu obviously misunderstood her and thought that she was seducing him.

How could Ruan Sixian explain such a thing Whatever she says, others might not believe it.

She only has to send the letter out.

When Fu Mingyu saw the content, he would know that he had misunderstood her.

However, from the looks of Fu Mingyu’s attitude at the moment, he will certainly not accept anything from her, so she will have to wait until after the lights are turned off and everyone is asleep, so she can put the letter on his seat without anyone knowing about it.

When he woke up and saw the content, the truth became clear.


Ruan Sixian made a decision and waited peacefully.

Twenty minutes later, the cabin lights were turned off.

Most of the passengers were sleeping with their seats down and wearing eye masks.

Two guests were reading books with their reading lights on.

The surrounding was very quiet, even the breathing sounds could be heard.

Only on the 7A seat, a seven or eight year old boy was watching cartoons with it’s speaker on.

Every time at this moment, the plane is like a large dormitory where Ruan Sixian feels like she is an auntie in charge of it.

She gently walked up to the little boy’s side and reminded him to put on his earphone to watch the cartoon.

The child whined for a while and said: “My ears hurt.”

Ruan Sixian squatted down and whispered: “Little friend, you will disturb others if you put the speaker loudly like this.”

The child is still unwilling, pointing to the adult by his side and said: “My Dad is not even disturbed.”

Ruan Sixian looked over.

His father wears an eye mask and noise-reducing headphones, so he can not hear him at all.

He sleeps like a dead pig.

It would be strange if he could be disturbed.

Encountering such a situation, Ruan Sixian had no other way but to persuade with painstaking efforts.

“Little friend, it will be early in the morning when you arrive in London.

If you don’t sleep at this time, you will doze off when you get off the plane tomorrow, and will have no energy to play.”


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