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Fu Mingyu was even a little annoyed and wanted to leave early.

Just as he was thinking about finding the right opportunity to open his mouth, someone suddenly raised his chin towards Yan’an.

“President Yan, what about the female pilot you talked about last time How long has it been Have you caught her yet”

Fu Mingyu glanced at Yan’an, then picked up the wine glass in front of him, put it to his mouth, and took only a sip.

“Time to boast.

Time to boast!”

In fact, Yan’an didn’t drink much, but a frustrated person could turn three points drunkenness into seven points one.

At the moment, he didn’t care much, and said what he was depressed about.

“It’s all that damned Chang Xiaoyi’s fault.

She rushed to her house the morning before yesterday and made a fuss there.

She was anxious and said goodbye to me last night.”

“So, it’s a goodbye just like this”


She made it so clear for me to completely give up on her.”

Fu Mingyu put down his wine glass and wiped the nonexistent wine stains at the corner of his mouth with a tissue.

Although it is not good to say this, Fu Mingyu knew that he was a little happy now.

The depression that had been held in the chest for a day also dispersed at this moment.

If he doesn’t suppress his smile and let others see it, then it will not be a good thing for him to be labeled with schadenfreude.

The conversation over there continues.

“Then, you will just leave it like that If I must say, for women, most of the time they have to be coaxed.

If she said forget it, then you just forget it, what kind of chasing is this, huh You don’t want to try again “

“Originally, when I went home yesterday, I was still thinking about it, and I will coax her back when she calms down.”

Yan’an paused when he said that, all the attention of the whole table was on him, waiting for his next words.

Naturally, it also includes Fu Mingyu.

It’s just that he slowly sipped and tasted the wine, so it doesn’t seem so obvious.

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Yan’an felt a little awkward.

He actually didn’t want to say it in front of so many people.

But everyone looked at him, and as soon as the feeling of drunkenness came, he didn’t care that much anymore.

“Last night, she shared a song in her circle of friends.

I clicked in and listened to it.

I think she’s scolding me.

Forget it.

It’s really over.

If she even dislikes me so much then why would I still go looking for dullness by myself.”

When someone asked him what song it was, he naturally refused to say it even if he was beaten to death.

Fu Mingyu quietly took out his mobile phone and clicked into Ruan Sixian’s circle of friends.

As expected, she indeed shared a song ‘GQ’ last night.

After the party ended, it was already deep in the night.

Fu Mingyu drank some wine, and his tiredness came up again.

He closed his eyes to relax his mind, and opened the window a little bit to let the night breeze in and disperse the effect of the wine.

Suddenly thinking of something, Fu Mingyu took out his mobile phone, clicked into Ruan Sixian’s circle of friends again, and opened the song.

Two seconds later, an extremely…characteristic singing sounded in the car.

The car was very quiet, so this piece of music was very clear in Fu Mingyu’s ears.

——Every word is very clear.

“Stop wasting my time

Even on a cover of GQ[1]

I ain’t ever going home with you

I’m kinda different to the girl next door

I’m looking for something more

You’re barking up the wrong tree”

The singing stopped abruptly.

The driver glanced at Fu Mingyu, whose expression was not right, from the rearview mirror, and did not dare to say a word.

Fu Mingyu squeezed the mobile phone and looked out the window with a calm face.

It is not that he thinks too much, but he doubts it so much whether Ruan Sixian was scolding Yan’an or scolding himself 

[1] Gentleman’s Quarterly.

TN: The song’s lyrics are not my translation.

This is a real song with English lyrics.

Just search ‘Lola Coca GQ’.


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