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Ruan Sixian thought it would be over even if she didn’t say it clearly tonight.

Unexpectedly, at the last second, he still couldn’t help but bring it out into the open.

If these things did not happen to Yan’an, or he promised to handle those things well.

Would she really want to be with him

Ruan Sixian thought about it seriously.

Looks like… It seems… Not really that eager too.

She doesn’t know whether it was because she didn’t have too much impulse towards him or because of what happened yesterday.

In a word, this is the most intuitive thought in Ruan Sixian’s mind at present.

Not to mention too much impulse, this is even only a hypothesis.

Ruan Sixian smiled, “President Yan, let’s forget about it.

I think it’s already good for us to be friends.”

Yan An didn’t say anything anymore.

People like him will not show a depressed expression even if they are rejected.

Sitting in the luxury car, waved his hand lightly and just left like this.

Ruan Sixian watched him and was in a daze for a while.

Thinking of the flowers he gave, the jewelry he gave, and the luxury car he drove evoked the scenes in the memories that she was unwilling to remember.

Those memories that she has buried for more than ten years.

Until Yan’an’ car disappeared from sight, only then did Ruan Sixian turn and enter the hall.

With her head down, she flipped through her mobile phone in her bag and walked forward quickly until she stood at the door of the elevator and looked up.

“President Fu”

Fu Mingyu has one hand in his pocket and one hand holding his mobile phone.

He raised his eyes and looked at Ruan Sixian for a second, then continued to look at his mobile phone carelessly.

Just when Ruan Sixian thought she had been ignored, he said: “What’s the matter”


Ruan Sixian was a little confused.

She only said her greeting just now.

You just need to respond, what matters can I have

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But when he asked, Ruan Sixian really remembered one thing.

Why did Fu Mingyu suddenly appear yesterday morning

Although they live in the same building, the elevator goes directly to Fu Mingyu.

Unless Fu Mingyu’s mind is not quite right and likes to take the stairs, it is impossible for him to show up.

But before Ruan Sixian could ask, Fu Mingyu suddenly walked up to Ruan Sixian and said, “I’m very curious about one thing.”


They stood face to face and with the light coming down from the top of their heads, it made Fu Mingyu’s eyes particularly bright.

But a little aggressive.

Ruan Sixian thought of yesterday morning, and she was shaken for a while because of the tenderness in these eyes.

But now…

Fu Mingyu didn’t seem to want to open this mouth very much.

There was impatience between his eyebrows, and his tone was naturally a little bit domineering.

“Since you like Beihang so much, why do you still want to come to Hengshi”


Ruan Sixian was stunned for a moment, thinking, was it not you who begged me to come

Seeing that she was not talking, Fu Mingyu asked again: “If you want a double salary, if you talk to Yan’an, will he not agree”

The elevator had just arrived, and the door slowly opened.

And closed again.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know what happened to Fu Mingyu all of a sudden.

He was quite normal yesterday.

Why did he start to become strange today

The two remained motionless and stood facing each other at the door, quite a confrontational atmosphere.

“He will.” Ruan Sixian raised her head and said, “He will agree to me even if I want four times the annual salary.”

After speaking, Ruan Sixian suddenly realized.

Did Fu Mingyu see it just now

Thinking that her body is in Hengshi but her heart is in Beihang

When Fu Mingyu heard the words, there’s a grunted sound from his nose, and he was revealing his Fu clan’s sneer again.

“Then why do you want to come to Hengshi Was it because of me”


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