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When Ruan Sixian walked out of the police station, the sun was already shining outside.

Bo Yang, who followed behind, saw the red part on her leg and asked, “Is your leg okay”

“It’s just a scratch.

It’s okay.”

Ruan Sixian looked outside and saw Fu Mingyu’s car stopped by the road.

Unexpectedly, Fu Mingyu hadn’t left yet.

Ruan Sixian walked over and knocked on the car window.

Fu Mingyu rolled down the car window and looked at her sideways.

“All settled”

Ruan Sixian nodded, with sweat dripping from the tip of her nose.

Summer comes as soon as it is said.

Yesterday, the passers-by were still wrapped in coats, but today they have changed into short sleeves.

She touched the sweat on the tip of her nose and murmured, “The police have taken care of it.”

Fu Mingyu leaned towards the car window and said, “Get in the car.”.

Opening the car door, the cool breeze from the air conditioner dissipated the heat on Ruan Sixian’s body.

She and Fu Mingyu are sitting on opposite ends.

The voice of the person next to her was as cold as the temperature in the car: “What happened”

She had just gone through the process in the police station, and all things have been made clear.

It was unknown whether it was because the woman had failed to catch the treacherous man in the morning and then suddenly got arrested by the police, she suffered too much blow and spoke incoherently.

It took Ruan Sixian a long time to catch the point.

The woman is Yan’an’ ex-girlfriend.

It’s not long since they broke up, and the man is her brother.

Yan’an has a common fault that most men have.

In the early stage of breaking up, it is cold and violent.

He didn’t answer her phone and didn’t meet her, as if he was so busy all day long.

It naturally makes the other party feel that he has another woman, but can not be questioned forcefully, so she took her brother and secretly squatted there and waited for Yan’an for almost a month.

As an ex-girlfriend, of course she knows that Yan’an occasionally took a rest in Mingchen Apartment, but recently he appears there more frequently, which indicates that there must be something fishy.

Later, it was just last night that Yan’an got off the plane and went straight to Ruan Sixian’s house, which gave his ex-girlfriend the illusion that Yan’an was keeping a mistress in his golden house.

However, Ruan Sixian thinks that the brother and sister pair were also very good.

After waiting outside the apartment for a long time in the morning, she saw an old lady who came back from buying vegetables.

Without changing their face, they followed through the door when the old lady swiped her card, making them look like a family.

Having this skill but becoming an internet celebrity instead of a spy, it is really a waste of talent.

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“A misunderstanding.”

Ruan Sixian said concisely and to the point, “After squatting for several days, they saw Yan’an come to my house last night, and came up this morning to look for evidence.”

After saying this, Ruan Sixian heard him sneer very lightly.

That feeling is exactly the same as ‘Can’t you solve it by yourself’ that he said when he appeared in the morning.

Fu Mingyu looked over.

The sunlight outside the car window just sprinkled on his face sporadically.

His eyes were reflected particularly lightly, and the eyes that were always dark in the ordinary day looked a little amber-like and gentle.

For a moment, Ruan Sixian thought that this man was really good-looking.

“I warned you to be careful.”


Okay, Ruan Sixian takes back what she had just felt.

Bo Yang, who sat in the front row, looked back and asked, “Go back to the apartment”

Fu Mingyu nodded and the car drove out.

Ruan Sixian said nothing along the way.

She looked out of the window and thought for a while, that it seemed like she should thank Fu Mingyu.

Maybe because she was used to living alone, but other women may not be able to stand the situation in the morning too.

A stranger suddenly broke in, and a strong man came up and restrained themself by force, being so unreasonable.

At the moment of Fu Mingyu’s appearance, even though it was accompanied by his Fu clan’s sarcasm, Ruan Sixian’s heart had really dropped down.

“President Fu.”

Ruan Sixian turned to look at him with a solemn expression.

However, Fu Mingyu closed his eyes and leaned against the cushion, looking like he was nourishing his spirit.


“Thank you for today.”

TN: Finally, the new translation is here.

The synopsis :

Why The Big Villain Hasn’t Run Away (WVHRA)

Yan Luqing was reading a heart-abuse novel of the year when she was on the plane.

Among them, the most popular is not the male lead and female lead, but the villain who has been persecuted by countless lunatics, Gu Ci.

When Gu Ci was young, his beauty was infinite, but his family’s financial situation fell behind and his parents were retaliated by their enemies.

His beautiful obsidian-like eyes were blinded by poison.

And in the end, he was secretly ‘hidden’ by a mentally ill woman who had a crush on him.

After experiencing all this, the young man who was originally like a breeze and misty moon was completely blackened.

Who does not feel heartache for a beauty who was strong but miserable Yan Luqing also felt her heart ache and scolded that mentally ill woman very angrily.

Who knows that when the plane crashed, she became the female partner, who tried to monopolize Gu Ci, that everyone shouts to beat.

The time happened to be the first day of the ‘Hiding Gu Ci In The Golden House’.

Recalling the female partner’s end that was more inferior than the pigs and dogs in the original book, Yan Luqing: …Oh

The female partner in the original book deserves that kind of ending, but Yan Luqing can not commit the same mistakes.

From the first day onwards, she will serve delicious food and drink to raise the big villain well.

It was called ‘Hiding Gu Ci’ but in reality it was actually enshrining and worshipping him.

She treats Gu Ci’s eyes and buys whatever he wants to eat, even if he wants the stars she will pick them for him.

If he wants flowers, she will pull them out and make a wreath for him.

Even the flowers at home are all pulled bald.

So two months later, according to the original plot, it was the day for Gu Ci to escape.

Yan Luqing breathed a sigh of relief.

The big villain doesn’t have to do it himself because she opened the door wide in a very proactive and catering manner, and said to him: “Congratulations, you are free now.”

Gu Ci looked at her for a long while, his beautiful black eyes darkened, and he suddenly smiled: “What if I said, I don’t want freedom”

Yan Luqing: “”

What about your business empire What about your ambition for revenge D*mn, that’s not how the script was played!


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