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Helan Xiang said as if talking to herself: “I heard that girl has one or two million fans I’m afraid this is not going to end nicely.

Now your uncle Yan is very angry.

This incident has affected the company’s image.

On one hand, it renders Yan’an unfeasible, and on the other hand will not let go of that girl.

They are going to take legal actions.

If it’s really a slander, then this girl is going to have trouble.

Well, you say, aren’t young people like you are all the same What matter can’t be solved nicely and have to mess it up so unsightly “

The person on the opposite side didn’t even say “Yeah” this time.

He lowered his eyes, fixed his gaze in the bowl in front of him, as if thinking about something.

“Forget it.

It’s really boring talking to you.” Helan Xiang covered her mouth and sneezed, “Where’s the gift”

Fu Mingyu raised his chin and motioned Helan Xiang to look at the cupboard behind her.

“That’s good if you still have me in your heart.”

Helan Xiang got up and went to the cupboard, and first saw a delicate velvet box with the letters ‘Piaget’ embroidered on it.

When she opened it, it was the golden oasis high-end jewelry she wanted.

She asked Aunt Luo to take away the box, and saw that there was another one next to it.

The box was small.

She opened it easily and saw a string of pearl bracelets hanging on the black flannel, which was finely smooth and exquisite.

She likes jewelry.

Naturally, she can see that this is a natural pearl from the early 1990s.

“This is also for me”

Fu Mingyu looked up at her, then quickly looked away.

“Take it if you like.”

With that said, how could HeLan Xiang doesn’t understand it

She closed the box and walked lazily upstairs.

“I don’t snatch other people’s things.”

When she got to the middle of the stairs, she looked down through the railing again.

“There will be a Balser art exhibition in the exhibition center tomorrow morning.

Aren’t you free Accompany me then.”

“I have no time.”


Meanwhile, most of the lights in Mingchen Apartment were still on.

Ruan Sixian took a bath.

She was so comfortable that she wanted to sleep in the bathtub.

If it weren’t for the doorbell rang, she really didn’t want to get up from the bathtub.

It’s already so late and she doesn’t know who will come to her house at this time.

Ruan Sixian puts on her clothes in a hurry, wraps her hair with a dry towel hat, and goes to take a look at the monitor in a hurry.

It was Yan’an.

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At this point of time and in her house too.

This is actually a bit awkward.

However, Ruan Sixian thought that the other party was a man at least with a background and a reputation, so she opened the door.

“President Yan”

Yan’an stood at the door with a smile, “Why do you still call me President Yan It felt strange.

You can just call me by name.”

Ruan Sixian nodded: “What’s the matter”

“Nothing.” Yan’an said, “Didn’t I go to Italy the other day I just came back tonight and brought you a little gift.

With that, he took out what was hidden behind him.

Without opening it and only looked at the logo above, Ruan Sixian already knew that it is an expensive luxury jewelry.

Ruan Sixian shrugged it off and said that she didn’t want to accept it, but after several times of going back and forth, Yan’an directly stepped inside and placed the box on her entryway.

“It’s just a little regard from me.

If you don’t even want to accept it, then it will be too humiliating for me.”


Ruan Sixian fell silent, and Yan’an had nothing else to say either.

After asking a few questions about the recent situation, Ruan Sixian just answered them one by one.

Seeing that she didn’t even mean to invite him in for a drink, he left afterwards.

Ruan Sixian closed the door and looked at the jewelry box.

Yan’an’ pursuit with giving gifts at every turn really made her have a headache.

Originally, she was seriously considering it, but seeing him like this, it made Ruan Sixian feel as if there’s something inside her that’s a little bit unable to go up nor down.

She dried her hair, fell on the bed, turned over twice, but didn’t feel sleepy.

She remembered the expression on Fu Mingyu’s face when he was driven away by his anger at her today.

At that time, he didn’t say anything at all.

It seems that he was so angry that he just stared at her for a few seconds, before he turned around and walked away.

Maybe it was the atmosphere at night that made her feel relaxed, or maybe it was the bath that made her feel sleepy, and Ruan Sixian’s nerves gradually relaxed.


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