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——”My God, then her life history is awesome, and she actually came back as a pilot too.”

Hearing it until this point, Ruan Sixian was still telling herself to forget it, they are all colleagues, and they will be assigned to the same flight from time to time in the future.

If one is patient in the moment of anger, one will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

She raised her hand and was about to knock on the door to remind the people inside, who knows that the topic inside went deeper.

——”Then why is she returning to Hengshi Airlines Didn’t other airlines also want her too”

——”Yeah, wouldn’t it be embarrassing If it were me, I might never appear in Hengshi Airline in my life anymore.”


Can’t it be that she is still obsessed with President Fu”

——”If it was really so, it seems that everything is reasonable”


This can’t be tolerated anymore.

The only man she’s obsessed with in her life is her dream boy friend, okay

Ruan Sixian pulled the corners of her mouth to make a smile.

Her chest was sore.

What kind the boss is, what kind the employees are.

That’s true.

Still bear them.

Endure a moment, got an ovarian cyst.

Take a step back, get the hyperplasia.

“So curious, why don’t you ask me in person” Ruan Sixian pushed open the door of the conference room, leaned her head with her arms folded, and said with a smile, “I am good at communicating, as long as you ask, I will speak without reserve.

A group of people who were caught gossiping behind the back suddenly shrunk like chickens, blushed to the root of their ears and didn’t dare to answer.

“As for why I went back to Hengshi Airlines.” Ruan Sixian stepped forward two steps, and her voice became clearer, “The director’s office is on the 18th floor of the headquarters, you are welcome to ask at any time.”

There was no sound of even a secret move, the half-minute of time was as long as doing planks, and they didn’t even dare to gasp for breath at all.

In the end, the Purser awkwardly tried to ease the situation: “Co-pilot Ruan, we just…”

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“Is everyone here”

The captain suddenly appeared and interrupted the Purser.

When he came back to his senses, he found something was wrong with the atmosphere inside and asked again, “What’s the matter”

The Purser remained silent.

Ruan Sixian smiled and said: “It’s nothing, I have just arrived too.”

The captain was a little suspicious, but he didn’t ask much.

He never dared to ask more about women’s thoughts.

On the same day, Fu Mingyu, who had been on a business trip for nearly two weeks, boarded the return flight.

It was getting late when he left the airport, neon lights flickered outside the car window, and all manifestations of nature were so clear.

There is a floating light and dark going from place to place.

It’s the most beautiful time of the day on the airport road.

Fu Mingyu leaned against the seat and loosened his bow tie.

The fatigue between his brows was gradually spread.

“President Fu, are you going back to Huguang mansion”

Bo Yang turned his head back and asked from the co pilot seat.

Fu Mingyu did not open his eyes, pinched the space between his eyebrows, and did not answer directly, “What time is it”

“A quarter past nine.”

Fu Mingyu slightly pondered, “Go back to Mingchen Apartment.”

When the driver heard this, he naturally drove to Mingchen Apartment, but Bo Yang continued to say: “When you attended the meeting this morning, your mobile phone was turned off.

Madam called me and said that you have not been back for many days.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu said casually, “It’s too late today.

I will go back tomorrow.”

The car sped to Mingchen Apartment and slowed down outside the gate.

Fu Mingyu’s sleepiness was gone now.

He looked out of the car window and a figure slowly came into his line of sight.

“Just stop here.”

When Fu Mingyu said this, he had already begun to wear his suit and coat.

“Just let someone send my luggage up after a while.”

Without waiting for Bo Yang to answer, Fu Mingyu got out of the car.


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