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After sending Bo Yang away, Ruan Sixian looked at Jiang Ziyue again.

“What did you just say about President Fu”

Jiang Ziyue was also very confused about the current situation.

She saw Ruan Sixian’s mouth have a light smile, and her voice was gentle, as if it was not the boss but the passerby who she had just sent away casually.

“No, nothing.”

Several flight attendants are urging them to hurry up.

Ruan Sixian didn’t ask any more, and walked up with a smile.

Seeing that Jiang Ziyue didn’t keep up, she turned back and waited two steps ahead, “Hurry up, Sister Jiang.”

Jiang Ziyue’s face has almost become stiff with the forced smile on this whole day, and she still had to play a harmonious drama of a co-worker with Ruan Sixian.

It was really tiring for her.

She even hoped that Ruan Sixian would come to her in a brazen manner, asking her why she had to blindly spread it when she obviously knew the truth.

At least she has a prepared speech.

It’s not impossible for her to throw the pot at will to several colleagues who have left the job.

But Ruan Sixian pretended to be unconcerned, and from time to time she gave her a meaningful smile, which was like giving her a continuous fist that even the ‘three high diseases’[1] were anxious to come out on her.

But Ruan Sixian really didn’t want to question Jiang Ziyue, even though Jiang Ziyue’s various performances on this day have blown herself up.

The main reason is that Ruan Sixian thinks it’s useless to make a fuss.

The fundamental problem of the rumors is that everyone misunderstands that she wants to seduce Fu Mingyu and then she leaves her job in anger.

A quarrel with Jiang ziyue can’t solve the problem.

What’s more, three years have passed.

The people of Hengshi Airlines have changed from batch to batch, and there is no one that mentions it anymore.

She is too lazy to go find unhappiness by herself.

As long as these people don’t provoke her in front of her like the culprit Fu Mingyu did from time to time, she can completely ignore these rumors hidden in the dark.

Unfortunately, Ruan Sixian underestimated the memory of her colleagues.

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Just a week later, the media reports of the first flight came out, and Hengshi Airlines also made a lot of internal publicity.

As the new female pilot of the first flight, ‘Ruan Sixian’ frequently appeared in various internal documents or reports, and those rumors that had been silent for a long time were gradually turned over again.

At this moment, Jiang Ziyue was also panicked.

This time, she really didn’t say it.

It’s just that some people who still remember the incident recalled it.

With just a mention of it, the topic spread quietly in the flight attendant department.

Of course it is impossible for these words to reach Ruan Sixian.

The reason why she had a vague feeling was that the flight attendant she met on the day of her first flight had been having lunch with her, looked like she wanted to talk about something but stopped again several times.

Ruan Sixian asked directly at that time whether there is any story about her recently

The flight attendant was shocked by Ruan Sixian’s directness and said stammeringly: “It’s just…they are only babbling, it’s nothing, I don’t believe it anyway.”

Fine, it really seems like what she had thought.

Ruan Sixian ate an extra piece of mousse cake that day.

She had enough calories to make her feel comfortable.

It’s just that the role of this cake only works till the next day.

For the nine o’clock in the morning flight, and the coordination meeting before the departure at seven o’clock, Ruan Sixian arrived 20 minutes in advance to sign the mission statement for the captain at the dispatch office, while the captain took the co-pilot to refuel.

When Ruan Sixian returned to the meeting room, she heard her name being mentioned in a subdued voice inside before she opened the door.

After listening at the door for a while, it turned out to be the topic she expected.

——”Really So magical “

——”I heard it from a senior Purser, in vivid detail, so it should be true.”

[1] three high diseases : refers to hypertension, hyperglycemia (diabetes) and hyperlipidemia.

They are ‘diseases of wealth’ derived from modern society, which may exist alone or be related to each other.


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