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In the cockpit, she can see the aurora in front of the one meter wide window.

That is the view that only those in the cockpit can see.

When vomiting in the fixed roller, when doing pull-ups and feeling that her arms were about to break, when the bounce net flipped her to dizziness, the aurora had also appeared before her eyes.

To this day, there are dim clouds in front of her but Ruan Sixian seems to see the aurora again.

She rubbed her eyes and calmed her mind.

In front of her, Captain Fan didn’t look back, but he gave a thumbs up with his arm facing backward..

Ruan Sixian called in a low voice: “Master.”

Captain Fan smiled and continued to focus on the instrument panel.

Half an hour later, the plane entered the cruise state and the autopilot was turned on.

Captain Fan said sideways: “Little Yu, you come to the driver’s seat, LIttle Ruan, you go to the co-pilot’s seat, I will go to the toilet.”

“Me” Ruan Sixian pointed to herself, “Can I go to the co-pilot’s seat today”

“Just have a seat.

There’s your senior apprentice Yu who guards it here.

Don’t worry.” Captain Fan has already unfastened his seat belt and got up, “I’ll be right back.”

Ruan Sixian sat in the co-pilot’s seat, fastened her seat belt and gently touched the dashboard in front of her.

Once they enter the autopilot state, the atmosphere in the cockpit is much more relaxed.

The captain and co-pilot usually have a chat.

Co-pilot Yu put on his oxygen mask and said with a smile: “You look at the dashboard like my girlfriend looks at a bag.”

Ruan Sixian immediately stopped her hands.

“I have only been in the driving position of a simulator before.

This is the first time, so I am a little excited.

Please don’t laugh at me, senior.”

“I didn’t laugh at you.” Co-pilot Yu raised his chin, “Would you like to drink something”

Ruan Sixian nodded, and co-pilot Yu dialed the PA to call Jiang Ziyue over.

She pushed the cockpit door open and asked: “Do you need anything”

“I want a glass of mineral water.” Co-pilot Yu turned his head to ask Ruan Sixian, “How about you”

Ruan Sixian’s thoughts were all on the dashboard and she said without looking back, “I want a cup of coffee.”

Jiang ziyue looked at Ruan Sixian’s back, frowned, pursed her lips and went out.

A few minutes later, she came in with a tray.

“Co-pilot Yu, your mineral water.”

Then she looked at Ruan Sixian and opened her mouth but she didn’t know what to call her, “Your coffee.”

Ruan Sixian took it and said “Thank you”.

She took a sip but immediately turned around and said: “It’s too hot, change it.”

Jiang Ziyue was taken aback for a moment, then stretched out her hand to reach for the cup.

She didn’t speak, just directly turned around and went out.

After a while, she came in again with the coffee.

Without speaking, Ruan Sixian took the coffee from her hand, took a sip, and said with a smile: “It’s right this time.

Thank you.”

Jiang Ziyue gave a stiff smile and turned to go out.

“Why do I feel that she is strange” Co-pilot Yu touched his chin, “Were there any passengers that make it difficult for her”

“Who knows.” Ruan Sixian put down her coffee and stopped talking.

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Captain Fan came back in ten minutes and brought in three small cakes.

“Today’s commemorative cake, I brought three in the passing, one for each of us.”

一一After giving it one by one to co-pilot Yu and Ruan Sixian, he said again: “There is a lot of media in the cabin.

It’s so lively there.”

After hearing this, Ruan Sixian had no interest either, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

She gently opened the cabin door, and the flight attendants were pushing the cart to deliver cakes.

It was a lively scene, and no one noticed the situation on her side.

A few minutes later, Ruan Sixian opened the bathroom door and saw Fu Mingyu standing outside.

He took off his coat and wore only a smoky grey shirt.

He stood there uprightly, tall and straight, and quite pleasing to the eye.

But the most handsome person appeared in front of you just directly after you went out of the bathroom, it indeed felt quite strange.

Ruan Sixian grabbed the door and didn’t step out.

Fu Mingyu also looked at her.

Amidst the silence, the emotion in his eyes slightly changed.

“Have something again”

Ruan Sixian asked.

Fu Mingyu was upset when he heard the word ‘again’, but the person was still standing in the bathroom, looking at him like looking at a pervert.

If he had not caught her in the crowd just now, he would not have stood in front of the bathroom’s door so eagerly to block the person.

“You come out.”

Fu Mingyu said in a deep voice, with a rather urgent tone.

RUan SIxian looked at him up and down, and frowned tightly.

“So anxious President Fu, you have a kidney problem.”




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