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The two lines of sight collided.

Before Ruan Sixian had time to react, he looked away and then stepped into the first class cabin.

A blatant disregard.

Ruan Sixian even felt that the glance just now was an illusion.

After the plane entered the cruising state, the flight attendants began to move.

When they were busy in the lounge, several first-class flight attendants still couldn’t hold back privately discussing Fu Mingyu who was sitting in the front row at the moment.

Ruan Sixian also quietly glanced at Fu Mingyu as she passed by him.

He sat in the same row with his secretary, with the reading light on his head turned on, deepening the outline of his face.

Compared to the picture, the real people look better.

Such a person, the son of the chairman of the board of directors, still young but already airborne to the top, it is no wonder that people will have fantasies about him.

Ruan Sixian touched the letter in her bag and had already played the withdrawal drum for countless times.

How could there be so many hypocritical people in the world Fu Mingyu’s whole body exudes the temperament that shows he has always stood in the cloud.

For him to have ten percent of ordinary people’s behavior to talk nicely, it’s all only a dream.

Let alone asking for things.

But just as Si Xiaozhen said, she won’t lose anything for trying, even if it doesn’t work in the end.

Ruan Sixian thought so, and was a little slower when she walks, thinking about how to talk to him in a while.

It’s time to deliver coffee at this moment.

Ruan Sixian got some motivation and went to the reserve room immediately.

Jiang Ziyue is also preparing food next to her.

She is winking at the freezer and muttering.

Ruan Sixian have things in her mind and didn’t pay attention until Jiang Ziyue poked her.

“What are you in daze for”

Ruan Sixian coughed twice to cover up the embarrassment, “What did you just say I’m thinking about the temperature of the coffee just now.

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Jiang ziyue looked at the cabin carefully and said, “Later, let’s change for a moment.

You go serve the people on the left and I’ll go to the right.”

On the right, is Fu Mingyu.

Ruan Sixian pursed her lips but did not respond immediately.

Jiang ziyue gently bumped her with her shoulder, “Okay”

Ruan Sixian smiled and said, “But why”

Jiang Ziyue is putting out a plate of fruit.

She stares at the orange and pokes it with a fork.

“My ex boyfriend is over there.”


Ruan Sixian glanced outside.

Compared with flying with the boss, the probability of bumping into an ex boyfriend is even smaller.

Ruan Sixian asked again, “Didn’t you look at the passenger list yesterday Why didn’t you seem to be mentally prepared at all.”

“I’ve seen it, but there are so many people in the world called ‘Zhang Wei’.

How did I know it was him” Jiang ziyue said and lost a piece of orange.

She picked it up and threw it into the trash can, “Really unlucky!”

Ruan Sixian pulled her inside and whispered, “A guest was coming out from over there.

Keep your voice down.”

Jiang Ziyue forcibly sorted out her expression, but still couldn’t help saying: “When he just boarded the plane, he still deliberately teased me.

Idiot, disgusting idiot, men are all idiots.”

Ruan Sixian patted her on the shoulder, soothing her mood, “Don’t be too emotional.

It’s just an ex-boyfriend.

Just treat him as an ordinary passenger.”

“Ordinary fart passenger.

Ordinary passengers are not so stupid.” Jiang Ziyue looked again at Ruan Sixian solemnly, “That’s true.

You are still young.

You will know when you have a few more relationships.

Men are all idiots.”

Ruan Sixian replied ‘yeah’ twice, agreed to change with Jiang Ziyue and the two went out separately.

After a whole row of food and beverage were delivered, Ruan Sixian poured coffee for the guests in need one by one.

At the end of the walk, she turned to look at Fu Mingyu’s row.


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