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Although it was a misunderstanding of her own that made her rejoice too soon, she had already told her close friends about this.

Now she gives herself a slap in the face, and feels aggrieved.

She pulled a couple of her girlfriends out to complain last night.

Who knows that when she got home, she received a call from Wang Lekang, saying that the selected Purser had acute appendicitis, and asked her to replace her position.

At that moment, Jiang Zi Yue had a feeling that what belongs to her would not run away in the end.

She even had an illusion that the stolen thing was taken back again.

She immediately got up from bed and put on a facial mask on her face.

This is what they had just talked about in the meeting room.

They all said that Jiang Ziyue was lucky.

The flight attendant seems like a respectable profession, but how much can outsiders know The high-altitude radiation and noise impact are not all light.

There are limits to career growth, and sometimes there is no long-term plan at all.

And as long as it’s in the service industry, usually the customers’ complaints and anger were unavoidable for them.

There’s a lot of people who were so burnt out by the grievances they got but they still cannot afford to be impatient with passengers.

Therefore, missions such as the first flight of a new plane model which are reported by the media is of commemorative significance.

If the camera is aimed at them while taking a few photos and the news is published, it will be regarded as one of the few highlight moments in their career.

Suddenly it was picked up by someone.

Not only they couldn’t say sour words, but they also secretly felt pity for the old Purser.

Jiang Ziyue actually felt everyone’s emotion and didn’t care about it.

She sat down openly and said, “Has the captain and the others arrived”

One of them said, “Not yet.

It should be soon.”

Jiang Ziyue nodded and took out the passenger list.

This flight mission is unusual, and not all the cabin is open to the public.

A large part of the passengers were invited to experience it.

In addition to some traditional media people, there were also some network self-media operators.

In addition, Fu Mingyu is also one of them.

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According to the crew department, he didn’t take this flight deliberately.

It just happened to be on a business trip to Lincheng today, which coincided with the time.

Jiang Ziyue reconfirmed the passenger list, and turned out the aircrew list and flight attendants list.

Yesterday, the call was rushed and she was busy applying the facial mask.

She only looked at the passenger’s name casually.

She had not had time to read the list of aircrew and flight attendants crew yet.

Just when her eyes touched the information bar, there was already a discussion in her ears: “Huh That female pilot is on our flight Didn’t they say that she was arranged to fly with the captain in the international flight”

“You just found out now I already knew it last night.

Jiang Ziyue’s eyes paused slightly, and he looked down, only to see the two names of ‘Fan Mingzhi’ and ‘Yu Yangshuo’ in the aircrew list, both of which were obvious male names.

“What female pilot”

“You didn’t download it” One of the flight attendants said, “The follow-up list updated this morning, the new female pilot is flying on our flight.”

While the other party pushed the list over, the discussion in her ears continued.

——”This name sounds a bit familiar…”

——”But I haven’t heard of it”

——”How do I feel I’ve heard of it”

As the sound of footsteps outside faded away, the door of the meeting room was pushed open, and three people in white uniforms and black epaulets appeared.

A vigorous male voice rang out: “Everyone has arrived”

Jiang Ziyue looked over to the direction of the voice and saw beside the two men, there’s also the person who she had only met last night.


There was a moment of silence in the meeting room.

The silence of the other flight attendants was because they saw a female pilot who was ten times more beautiful than they had imagined.

In addition to being astonished, they also have the feeling of envy and admiration as if they were some little girls.

But one person’s silence was because of the great self-struggle.

She was clearly in the bar last night…

How come…

In her shocked state, Jiang Ziyue saw Ruan Sixian’s eyes meet hers.

At that moment, Jiang Ziyue felt as if she understood everything.


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