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But Ruan Sixian didn’t believe it, and Yan’an was too awkward to tell the truth.

When he was a child, he couldn’t get along with Fu Mingyu.

He always aspired to be a rich second generation who could be written into the Ideological and Moral Textbook.

He has been doing nothing good all day long, but because of family discipline, he didn’t dare to do anything too out of line.

So much so that he always felt he was simply not worthy of the word ‘dandy’ given to him by the teacher.

But the painting style of Fu Mingyu’s group was different from that of his group since he was a child.

It is just entirely different.

But it’s not true that he was too well behaved too, and he did not do less of those things that violate the rules for the junior high school students either.

Yan’an didn’t know whether his face was too deceitful or his final report card was too beautiful, but the teachers always held him in their hearts.

Even when he wore his school uniform and drove a sports car in the winter vacation of senior high school, then got photographed when he pinned another people’s car and ended up stirring up trouble in the school, in the end, the problem was suppressed by the teachers even before his parents came forward.

Of course, in Yan’an’ eyes, this is not a big deal.

What he always takes to heart is that the goddess he had a crush on for two years and never dared to take the initiative to get to know.

She became his friend for a month and especially invited him on her birthday which fascinated him to death, but in the end, she finally gave out a ‘can you also call Fu Mingyu over by the way’.

It’s a shame for him to tell this matter out, but Yan’an really hated Fu Mingyu for nearly ten years.

But today, he, who had achieved nothing, could also keep his head up.

Ruan Sixian really gave him enough face.

Thinking of this, Yan’an felt that he liked Ruan Sixian a little bit more.

He looked at her uniform and sighed, “Oh, let’s not talk about Fu Mingyu anymore.

Now, whenever I think of you not coming to Beihang, I’m still feeling so regretful.

But I’m a generous person.

I certainly hope you have a bright future everywhere.”

Ruan Sixian touched the epaulet and said with a smile: “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for There is still a surprise when you go to the airport later.”


“You’ll know in a moment.”

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The atmosphere in the car was harmonious, and there is also a person in the cabin crew of Hengshi Airlines that is feeling proud.

Jiang Ziyue took the flight case and walked quickly towards the meeting room.

Her black leather shoes were soft and flat, and they couldn’t make a loud sound on the clean ground, but it didn’t affect her momentum at all.

She quickened her pace and her smile became more and more obvious.

Ni Tong met her on the way and walked over to say hello with a smile, “Master! Good morning.

It’s a beautiful day.

Jiang Ziyue stopped, folded her hands on the flight case’s handle, and naturally stood with her feet in T-shaped.

“You’re quite free.

You haven’t boarded the plane yet”

“The meeting hasn’t been held yet.” Ni Tong blinked, “You are in great shape today.

After a while, the reporter’s camera will all be aimed at you.

Remember to show your left face more.

There is a dimple over there.

It looks better.”

After receiving this flattery, Jiang Ziyue said that they will talk again later.

Then she took the flight case and strode into the elevator.

There are already five flight attendants in the meeting room, all of whom are selected out of so many flight attendants.

They are dignified and tall.

While chatting together, they also give people a pleasant feeling.

Someone saw Jiang Ziyue coming and greeted her, but didn’t seem to have much enthusiasm either.

After all, there are so many staff in the flight attendant department, and Jiang Ziyue has just switched from the international routes to the domestic routes.

Most of the flight attendants here are not familiar with her.

Moreover, the topic that these flight attendants had just talked about was related to her.

It was not a bad thing, but it was not a good thing either, so they just naturally shut up by themself.

Originally, today’s Purser is not Jiang Ziyue, but an experienced old Purser of domestic routes.

Jiang Ziyue herself made a mistake in this matter.

What she saw at Wang Lekang’s was only a part of the candidate list, but she mistakenly thought it had been finalized.

When she came back from Spain happily, she checked the company’s internal app and didn’t see the ACJ31’s first flight mission.

She went to others to hear about it, only to realize that she was not the chosen one in the end.


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