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Today’s meal was actually paid by Ruan Sixian in the end, which Yan’an thought was incredible.

He encountered this situation for the first time.

He asked a woman out for dinner, but the other party secretly went to pay the bill, and he didn’t even know when she did it.

Was it when she went to the bathroom Or was it when she went out to answer the phone

He really doesn’t know.

Anyway, Yan’an have a moment when he can’t save his face.

What’s this matter with having dinner but it was the woman that paid for it.

But then Ruan Sixian said with a smile, “This meal is to thank President Yan for helping me yesterday.

I had disturb you so late.”

Yan’an curled his lips and said, “It’s just a matter of lifting a finger.”

“I know it’s just a trivial thing for President Yan.” Ruan Sixian got up and picked up the bag with an undiminished smile, “But it would be a big trouble for me and my friend.

If it wasn’t for you, we would have to contact the property owner in the evening to find out about it.

It’s too much of a trouble.”

Ruan Sixian carefully observed Yan’an’s expression and saw that his eyes gradually had a relaxed smile.

She was relieved.

In fact, she also knows that men are very concerned about this aspect, but she herself does not like to meet men for the first time because of the substantial human relationship such as ‘treating to a meal’ or ‘giving gifts’ which just puts herself at a disadvantage.

It’s just that these restaurants are too expensive for the second generation of rich people.

When she paid for them, she felt a real pain.


The money came from Fu Mingyu’s wallet anyway.

She felt much better once she thought that.

On the other side of Yan’an, he was a little pleased by Ruan Sixian’s two or three sentences.

When they left the restaurant, he found that it was still early and the evening breeze was a little comfortable, so he casually said, “Would you like to find a place to chill”

Ruan Sixian just stopped it when she saw that it’s already good enough and didn’t continue to not give Yan’an this face.

She just said that there would be a flight tomorrow, so she couldn’t drink, and Yan’an also said for her to have something to drink only to digest the food.

Ruan Sixian thought about it for a while and said, “This place is very close to my friend’s small bar.

If you don’t mind the small place, let’s go there.

The environment is very clean.”

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Naturally, Yan’an won’t have any objection, and they arrived at Bian Xuan’s bar in just a five-minute drive.

It was less than eight o’clock at this time, and there was no one in the bar.

Bian Xuan was sitting alone at the bar washing cups, and there were only two or three girls sitting and chatting in the hall.

After leading Yan’an to sit down, Ruan Sixian goes to the bar and greeted Bian Xuan.

Bian Xuan leaned on the bar and looked in the direction of Yan’an with a smile, “Boyfriend”


Ruan Sixian took the glass and poured a glass of juice herself.

“It’s just an ordinary friend.

You should quickly give him a glass of your signature cocktail.”

Bian Xuan blinked, “Is it really just an ordinary friend Looks pretty good, tall, handsome, and very rich.”

Ruan Sixian ignored her and took a tray with a cup to chat with Yan’an.

It feels the same as when they were having a meal just now.

It’s very comfortable to chat with Yan’an.

Naturally, he doesn’t like to talk about work.

He talk about everything from all over the world, which makes Ruan Sixian laugh from time to time.

It was a pleasant evening, if it wasn’t for that little incident.

At that time, Ruan Sixian went to the bar to get a wet tissue.

Seeing that Bian Xuan was too busy, she helped her deliver a glass of wine to table 5.

The lights in the bar are not very bright, so she had to look for the table number one by one.

When she is about to bend down to put down the wine, the guest suddenly stands up and accidentally bumps into Ruan Sixian, and the glass of wine was all spilled on Ruan Sixian’s clothes.

The guest was also very embarrassed and quickly took a tissue to help her wipe it.

“I am sorry, Miss.

I didn’t notice you.”

“It’s fine.”

The moment they opened their mouths, they were both stunned.

“Ruan Sixian”

Jiang Ziyue seemed unsure.

She took a look at her for a while more with the help from the dim light and said, “It’s really you”


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