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Ruan Sixian didn’t see his smile but focused all her attention on his pants.

After a pause, she took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to Fu Mingyu.

Fu Mingyu took the tissue, bent over and wiped his pants, and asked when he got up, “We are on the same way.

Give you a ride”

A gentle wind blew through the hall and blew between the two of them.

The rain had already stopped but the air was still damp.

The wind was mixed with the fresh smell of grass.

Ruan Sixian nodded, “Thank you then.”

Bo Yang walked along the green lawn with his head down as he stepped, as if looking for something.

The apartment is very quiet.

Occasionally, some old people come out for a walk.

There are not many young people who commute at this point, but there are many people who come out for morning jogs.

Bo Yang turned his head and saw Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian approaching.

Although there was surprise in his eyes, he immediately stepped out and stood respectfully.

“What are you doing”

Fu Mingyu asked.

“Oh, look for a dog.”

Bo-SillyButSweet-Yang said, “Didn’t Miss Ruan said that there was a wild dog here last night Just now, I did see a dark shadow jumping into the grass.

I want to see if there is really a wild dog.

If so, it has to be told to the property management.

Fu Mingyu’s face sank subtly, while Ruan Sixian raised her head to look at the scenery.

Bo Yang turned to Ruan Sixian again: “Miss Ruan, where did you see the wild dog last night Is it dirty”

Ruan Sixian’s face didn’t change and her heart didn’t even jump.

She pointed to the front, “Over there, maybe it has been taken away.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her and said in a deep voice, “Get in the car.”

The driver had already parked the car aside and waited.

The atmosphere in the car is still very subtle.

Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian sat in the back separately, and no one spoke, but Bo Yang naturally felt this strange atmosphere and did not dare to ask anything.

Until he flipped through the iPad and thought of one thing.

“President Fu, Mr.

Qin sent an invitation to the office yesterday afternoon.

Will you attend the wedding on the 7th next month”



“It’s Qin Jiamu, the son of the chairman of Zhengxi Steel.”

Fu Mingyu closed his eyes and thought, “Is he the one who was spilled coffee by a flight attendant of our company that year”

“Yeah.” Bo Yang nodded.

“They’re getting married.”

That person, Ruan Sixian also remembered her.

She had taken classes with this flight attendant several times before.

She was a gentle and lovely girl who had two dimples on her face when she smiled.

She was deeply impressed by her.

She is getting married…She should be only 26 years old this year.

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When Ruan Sixian was reminiscing, Fu Mingyu beside her suddenly said, “Good method.”

Ruan Sixian turned her head to look over and saw that his eyes were still closed but the corner of his mouth was filled with mockery.

Here it goes again!

Her memories from three years ago swept back.

It is also this kind of smile, and this kind of tone.

Ruan Sixian’s suddenly felt a swelling in her chest.

This person is really too much.

This great “Good method” is just exactly like the “You might as well dream” that he had said at that time!

There was nothing to chat about in the morning, so Bo Yang became a little interested in it, “Because President Qin doesn’t seem to be very satisfied with it, the wedding also didn’t get his consent.

Then your side…”

“No need to go.” Fu Mingyu said, “I don’t have to give him a face.

You just refuse it for me.”

Bo Yang said yes, turned back, saw a bottle of mineral water at hand, and handed it to Ruan Sixian.

“Miss Ruan, would you like some water”

Lagon Andes mineral water, a glass bottle with a tin lid.

Ruan Sixian didn’t want to take it but Bo Yang said again, “Oh, this is not easy to open.

Wait a minute, I will…”

“Let me do it.”

Fu Mingyu took the water bottle from his hand and was about to twist it when Ruan Sixian snatched it over.

“I will do it myself.”

Fu Mingyu saw that she was staring at him with a pair of clear and bright eyes, and there was even an unspeakable energy in it.

Just as he was thinking about this look of her, there was a soft ‘bang’ in his ear.

Ruan Sixian held the bottle in one hand and looked straight at Fu Mingyu, but she rubbed her thumb and opened the bottle cap.

“Oh…” Bo Yang couldn’t help but let out a shallow exclamation, “This strength…”

Fu Mingyu smiled when he saw this, “Worthy of being a woman who can send people to the sky.”

The corner of Ruan Sixian’s mouth twitched, “I can also send people into the soil.”

The atmosphere inside the car suddenly solidified.


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