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On the surface, they are a couple that gets along very well.

I take the money to buy a camera and am very pleased with myself, and you can raise girls at will and be as happy as you like.

This is simply a story passed on with approval in the world.

But apparently, some people don’t think so.

When she turned over, she accidentally stretched her leg and touched the person next to her.

After a few seconds, the warm temperature on her side was getting closer and closer.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that Yan’an was looking at her with his arms propped up.

The night was as still as water, but his eyes were bright.

“Why did you suddenly leave that day”

His deep voice at this moment was very similar to when he spoke in her ear that night.

Zheng You’an blinked, and a flash of light flashed in her mind.

“Because you live badly.”

It took Yan’an a few seconds to respond to what Zheng You’an meant by matching it with the current situation.

Silence, a very long silence.

And the silence is followed by an eruption.

At the time when Yan’an turned over and covered her, Zheng You’an was shocked and waved her hand to block him, but was caught by her wrist and then pressed on top of her head.

“Zheng You’an!”

He gnashed his teeth and said it word by word.

He was full of anger but had nowhere to vent it, and it could only be revealed from his tone.

“Do you know that when you say this, you are looking for…”

In the end, the rest of the word, he couldn’t say it to Zheng You’an.

But Zheng You’an is not incapable of understanding.

“Let go of me!” Zheng You’an struggled for a while but still couldn’t get away.

“What do you want to do! If you want to, to forcefully do it, it will be a marital rape!”

“You also know what kind of relationship we have, right”

Yan’an clasped her wrist tightly.

In the quiet night, only the sound of their unsteady breathing remained.

Sometimes there will be a first time for something, and then it’s natural that they will happen again after that.

What’s more, the two are still husband and wife, with legal marriage certificates, and it is so reasonable that it can’t be any more reasonable.

And in this marriage, Zheng You’an knows that she is the one who ‘climbs to the high branch’.

She tilted her head and said: “Come on then.

But I’m sick, so my voice may not be very pleasant.”

Yan’an: “…”

“Zheng You’an, did you lose your brain in Africa and didn’t bring it back”

Yan’an threw away her hand, lay back on the other side, and exhaled a long breath.

“I’m a human being, and I won’t be like a beast to even attack a patient.”

Zheng You’an wrapped herself in the quilt, covered herself tightly, turned her back to him, and only said “Oh” after a long time.

After a few seconds passed, the two were still silent.

But just as Zheng You’an was thinking about whether to sleep in another room, she felt the temperature beside her approaching again.

Then Yan’an held her wrist again, gently rubbed it for a moment, and suddenly began to touch her collarbone… and then went up along her neck…

Although Zheng You’an started to tremble, she didn’t move or resist.

She just said quietly: “Have you decided not to be a human being”

The movement stopped abruptly, and Yan’an seemed to try his best to hold back his anger and sighed heavily.

“Zheng You’an——” He closed his eyes.

“Get up.

Let’s go to the hospital.

You have a fever.”

Just now, when Yan’an lay down, he calmed down for a while before recalling that when he grabbed Zheng You’an’s wrist, he felt that the temperature was not right.

So he reached out again and touched it.

It was indeed really hot.

The collarbone, the neck… all the temperatures were not right.

It was already three o’clock in the morning when they came out of the hospital.

The ambulance roared past, the alarm bells were blaring, the lights were flashing, and the vehicles coming and going were competing with the God of death for time.

Yan’an finished smoking a cigarette and rolled up the car window, isolating the sense of urgency outside.

He gave Zheng You’an, the co-pilot, a faint look.

“You don’t even know that you have a fever”

Zheng You’an lowers her head and picks her fingernails, pretending to be calm and says ‘Oh’ softly, before adding: “I didn’t pay much attention.


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