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Therefore, there is no planning ahead either.

Ruan Sixian put on her coat and asked: “Star, where do you want to play today”

Little Star bowed her head, and her two small hands impatiently pulled at the somewhat tight seatbelt on her clothes: “Wherever you want.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Fu Mingyu: “…”

In the end, they took Little Star straight to the theme park.

The child’s arms and legs were too small to run and jump.

She was held by Fu Mingyu the whole time and rolled her eyes to look around.

Ruan Sixian saw that many children wore all kinds of headbands on their heads, so she also ran to the store and chose a small antler ear headband.

“Mom has chosen for a long time.” Ruan Sixian held the antler ear headband in front of Little Star.

“Do you like it, Star”

Little Star blinked and nodded.

“Not bad.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Little Star turned to look at the castle in the distance, leaving Ruan Sixian staring blankly at the small antler ear headband in her hand.

A few seconds later, she heard a chuckle.

“Is it funny” Ruan Sixian raised her hand and put the antler ear headband on Fu Mingyu’s head, “Let’s not waste it.”

There were crowds of tourists around, and it was jam-packed with people.

Fu Mingyu frowned, “Take it off.”

Ruan Sixian pretended not to hear it and turned to look at the castle in front of her.

“It’s so beautiful——ah!”

Something was suddenly placed on her head.

Ruan Sixian wanted to turn her head to look at the perpetrator, but heard Little Star giggling.


Just to win a smile.

Ruan Sixian pressed the small antler ear headband on her head and glared at Fu Mingyu.

“Let’s go.” Fu Mingyu held Little Star in one hand and Ruan Sixian in the other hand, and said: “Mother Deer.”

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This is the first time Little Star is visiting the amusement park.

When they first came in, she still twisted her body and looked around.

Later, she only lay on Fu Mingyu’s shoulder with her eyes open, indicating that she was not asleep.

As night fell, the front of the castle was full of people, and there was a babel of voices too.

The viewing area upstairs has a wide view, and the moment the fireworks bloom, the whole night sky is as bright as day, and the exclamations of adults and children come one after another.

And Little Star also slept soundly inside the stroller.

Ruan Sixian was also a little tired.

She leaned her face against Fu Mingyu’s shoulder and her eyes were blurry.

“Look at your daughter.

She must be a difficult person to get along with when she grows up.”

“Why” Fu Mingyu asked, “Is there anything wrong with that”

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak.

She looked at the girl in the stroller and sighed neither light nor heavy.

The fireworks change shape in the night sky, gorgeous and colorful, reflecting Little Star’s small face with colorful light.

In such an environment, she still didn’t wake up.

“Our daughter doesn’t need to be sophisticated.

As long as I am here, she can always be sharp and shining.”

Fu Mingyu turned to look at Ruan Sixian, “You too.”

Then someone’s child is running around and accidentally bumped into Ruan Sixian.

Fu Mingyu took her into his arms.

“Then I can only say that I have nothing to repay you with.” Ruan Sixian leaned against his chest.

“I can only love you forever.”

Fu Mingyu lowered his head and kissed Ruan Sixian’s side face.

She looked up at the fireworks and suddenly thought of something.

“Wait until Guang… Star is a little bit older, let’s take her to Yuanhu Island to watch the meteor shower.”

Before Fu Mingyu could speak, a milky voice came from the stroller.

“Okay, okay!”

In August of the following year, the Leonid meteor shower descended three thousand feet down on Yuanhu Island.

The four-year-old Little Star was so excited that she rolled on the grass and was covered in mud all over.

She grows up day by day and still does not like to talk, but she is very healthy and active, and her eyes often sparkle.

As parents, Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu finally figured out what she liked.


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