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Ruan Sixian held a toothbrush in her mouth and it was up to Fu Mingyu to guess what she said.

“Ury n goh see yoh dohter hinside.”

Anyway, she is now too embarrassed to face the two older aunts downstairs.

Fu Mingyu straightened up, leaned over Ruan Sixian’s back and rubbed his chin against her neck before looking at the image of them two in the mirror.

“Let’s postpone that first.

It’s rare that we are all free today, do you want to go to Nan’ao later”


Ruan Sixian was speechless with foam in her mouth, so she just directly stepped towards the back, stepping on him.

Fu Mingyu was very puzzled.

He frowned and made a ‘tsk’ sound, then wiped the foam from the corner of her mouth with his thumb before turning around and going out.

Their daughter is watching TV in the living room behavedly.

Fu Mingyu picked her up and teased her for a while, then put his hands on her shoulders and let her stand on his lap.

“Guangzhi, what’s wrong with you You’ve made your mom angry”

Ruan Sixian had just descended the stairs when she heard the word ‘Guangzhi’ and immediately ran over to take the child from Fu Mingyu’s arms.

“Are you sick Didn’t we agree not to call her Guangzhi!”

Fu Mingyu had no regrets about being caught.

He took the bottle from the aunt and tried the temperature.

While feeding his daughter, he asked: “Little Star, what’s wrong today”

Ruan Sixian glanced at the aunts beside her, embarrassed to say anything.


After that day, Little Star began to talk frequently and called ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ very smoothly.

Occasionally, when Ruan Sixian handed her something, she would say ‘Thank you, Mom’.

But the ‘baby’ that pried open her mouth still remained on the lips.

Occasionally, she would still call Fu Mingyu ‘Older Brother’.

It was fine when there was no one else around, but Ruan Sixian always felt embarrassed when the aunts were by her side.

Dare say she gave birth to a parrot spirit.

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When Fu Boting learned that his granddaughter had spoken, he arranged a trip back to China in advance, and hurriedly came to see the granddaughter with Helan Xiang with a lot of stuff.

But they came at an unfortunate time, because Little Star was sleeping.

Helan Xiang sat beside the crib for a long time, but still failed to wait for her granddaughter to say ‘Grandma’, so she reluctantly went to the side to sort out the gifts she brought back.

After dinner, Fu Boting turned to the crib.

Just as he wanted to get closer to look at his granddaughter’s small nose and mouth, he saw her open her big eyes.

Fu Boting was overjoyed, stretched out his hand to carry his granddaughter out, and was about to tell her to call him again, but she fired the first shot by calling out a loud “Baby”.

Which also comes with a hint of a childish accent.

The unsmiling aviation financial leasing tycoon in his sixties was caught off guard being called “Baby”, and his old face was a little red.

Helan Xiang: “…”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

The instigator glanced over lightly, as if unaware of the awkward atmosphere around him, and said solemnly: “Little Star, call Grandpa.”

Later, when Little Star learned and distinguished the correctness of various titles proficiently, she also learned some simple and complete sentences before other children of the same age.

How was this discovered

This was all thanks to Little President Yan.

It was already winter at that time, and Little Star was almost two years old.

Yan’an, on behalf of the Yan family, brought some small gifts for children together with Zheng You’an.

He was not interested in children, and even a little annoyed by them.

He just watched Zheng You’an tease the child so much that she became so happy too, and he also leaned over to take a symbolic look.

But this look made him couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, the daughter who inherited Fu Mingyu’s looks turned out to be pretty.

After Zheng You’an hugged her for a long time, Yan’an casually stretched out his hand: “Tired Let me hold her for you for a while.”


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