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However, the doctor is not surprised.

After the results of various functional tests come out, the doctor tells them that children’s language ability belongs to the left brain development system and there are some children that are born with a more developed right brain.

For example, their daughters learn to walk earlier, so she will speak later.

The doctor’s words comforted the whole family.

At the same time, the doctor also told them not to think that the child could not understand anything so that it was useless even if they say anything to her.

In fact, a child could say whatever you said, and they just need to practice more.

Since the doctors have said so, Ruan Sixian has no reason to worry every day anymore and just let it go, thinking that there will always be a day when she finally speaks.

During this period, before the child learned to introduce herself, Ruan Sixian and Helan Xiang badly threatened Fu Mingyu to stop calling her ‘Guangzhi’.

Since their child’s name ‘Dingxin’ is still taken from the Song of Chu, ‘If you are calm, you will not be confused.

If you have a broad mind, you will not be a narrow-minded person’, Fu Mingyu is not that hard to be calmed down too.

Without the nickname ‘Guangzhi’, Ruan Sixian gave her a new nickname ‘Little Star’, which not only echoed their child’s name, but also engraved the meteor shower in her memory.

Of course, it is not known either whether Fu Mingyu still secretly called their child ‘Guangzhi’.

The days passed by in anticipation of Little Star’s starting to speak.

However, the day she spoke, Ruan Sixian fell into infinite confusion.

It was an ordinary morning.

Ruan Sixian, who had accidentally slept for a while longer, walked to their child’s room with sleepy eyes but didn’t see Little Star.

When she looked downstairs, she saw her daughter sitting in the middle of the sofa with her short legs crossed, watching the TV.

Aunt Zhang was shaking the milk bottle next to her, while the babysitter tidied up the small scarf.

Ruan Sixian stretched as she stared at this scene, feeling very satisfied.

However, just before her hand fell, her daughter looked up at her, smiled sweetly, opened her mouth and said: “Baby.”



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Ruan Sixian’s hand froze in the air, staring at the one-and-a-half-year-old child downstairs, unable to return to her senses for a long time.

Did she just speak

What did she say

Is it ‘Mom’

Ruan Sixian blinked, and the child downstairs waved her little hand and said softly: “Baby, awake”



What is called ‘it never rains, but once it does, it pours’.

This is it.

Although other children have started to speak single words from a few months’ old, they still may not be able to say a subject-verb-object word when they are already more than one year old.

And her daughter, just did it the first time she opened her mouth to speak

But when Ruan Sixian was pleasantly surprised, she suddenly came back to her senses.

Why does this sentence sound familiar It seems like she just heard it yesterday morning.

Thinking of this, Ruan Sixian was stupefied upstairs, and the two aunties next to her were also staring at Little Star dumbfoundedly.

After a long while, Aunt Zhang asked suspiciously: “Where did you learn this from”

The professional babysitter next to her took a quiet look upstairs.

Ruan Sixian received this look, turned around and walked towards the bathroom with a blank expression.

Fu Mingyu supported the sink with one hand, raised his chin, and was holding a towel to wipe the remaining foam on his chin.

He had just taken a bath, and the heat in the bathroom had not completely dissipated.

Under the warm yellow light, his deep voice came out from the chaotic sound of water.

“Baby, awake”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Her hand that was holding the toothbrush paused, and buried her head without saying a word.

“What’s wrong” Fu Mingyu turned around and leaned against the sink.

His long legs crossed as he watched Ruan Sixian brush her teeth interestingly.

“Who provoked you”


“What’s wrong again with me”


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