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However, the scene in the dream never appeared.

Fu Mingyu has never hugged and kissed his daughter all over.

He would only sit by the crib for an hour or so, staring at it intently.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know what Fu Mingyu was looking at, and she planned to follow him to explore it.

But often, at the time she felt that there’s nothing to look at, she found herself sitting by the crib for an hour already.

It took a long time for her to feel something.

Every inch of the baby’s skin, every strand of hair, and the blood flowing on the baby’s body belonged to her and Fu Mingyu.

A child may be the most powerful button in the world, which binds her and Fu Mingyu tightly.

No matter how the world is turned upside down, the advent of this life is proof of their love.

However, real family integration grows out of getting along bit by bit.

More than a month after the birth of their baby, Ruan Sixian started back-to-work training.

On the contrary, Fu Mingyu did more in taking care of their baby daily.

Fu Mingyu is not overly intimate with his daughter, but he has shown extraordinary patience and meticulousness in life.

For example, he never lets the aunt do things like trimming the baby’s nails.

Sometimes when Ruan Sixian came home, she saw Fu Mingyu sitting in the yard with their baby in his arms, feeding her with a bottle.

With him wearing a straight suit and doing such action, it gives people the feeling of seeing a strange but harmonious scene, which once made her feel unreal too.

As a father, Fu Mingyu is very competent, but he seems to have some bad tastes.

For example, he always calls such a fair and cute little girl with ‘Guangzhi’.

Of course, this is not their baby’s real name, but because he calls her that a lot, their baby now will respond as soon as she hears it.

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“Guangzhi, Guangzhi, Guangzhi! Do you have any obsession with these two words”

Ruan Sixian was very angry.

She was very sorry that her daughter was implicated with this nickname.

“When she grew up and said to others, ‘my name is Guangzhi’ won’t her classmates laugh at her”

“What’s wrong with ‘Guangzhi’” Fu Mingyu never repents.

“If you are calm, you will not be confused.

If you have a broad mind, you will not be a narrow-minded person.

This name her Daddy gave her is very good.”

Ruan Sixian sighed heavily.

Fine, Guangzhi then.

At least it’s better than Dazhi.

But maybe because she was given such a nickname before she was born, Fu Mingyu seemed to have accidentally pointed out the child’s future correctly.

Of course, this is a later story.

At present, Ruan Sixian is a little worried about the child’s personality.

Their child is already one year old, but she hasn’t started to speak yet.

Other children usually start calling Mommy and Daddy about ten months old.

Ruan Sixian often leaned in front of the crib to coax her in a low voice: “Baby, call Mommy.”

The child only blinked.

“Mom is fine too.”

There is still no response.

Ruan Sixian frowned and looked back at Fu Mingyu.

“She doesn’t even call me.”

Fu Mingyu smiled, stepped forward confidently, then bent down and held her little hand, “Guangzhi, call Daddy.”

His baby stared at him and opened her mouth slowly.

Fu Mingyu’s eyes were filled with a smile, while Ruan Sixian held her breath tightly.


But her child didn’t let her down.

Although she opened her mouth, she just made a big yawn, then rolled over and closed her eyes to sleep.

The words ‘asleep now, don’t cue anymore’ are written all over the body.

Fu Mingyu: “…”

Ruan Sixian was overjoyed.

“What are you laughing at”

Ruan Sixian didn’t notice the change in Fu Mingyu’s eyes.

She laughed so much that she threw herself onto the sofa.

“If I don’t laugh, do I have to cry then”

“Cry” Fu Mingyu pondered, “It’s not impossible either.”

Ruan Sixian’s laugh stopped abruptly and was frozen in her mouth.

TN: Finally.

Guangzhi means wide aim (can be translated as broad minded too), while Dazhi means lofty aim.


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