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After the meal, Fu Mingyu was the first to get up and prepare to leave.

The little girl skillfully helped him get the jacket and handed it over.

Fu Mingyu took it conveniently, but he did wear it and only put it on his arm.

Then he said his goodbyes to the people in the room and went out.

Because this action of picking up the jacket seemed to have reached some kind of tacit understanding, the little girl immediately followed.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Dong touched his ear and hesitated for several minutes between getting up and not getting up.

He also had a child last year, and he knew how hard it was during his wife’s pregnancy, and the temptation from the outside world was so great.

For example, the little girl just now was beautiful.

She even took the initiative and knew how to get things done.

He was very afraid that if Fu Mingyu could not resist the temptation and was moved, tomorrow he would have to go to the intensive care unit to visit this long-term friend of his, so he had no choice but to get up and follow him out.

When Zhu Dong went outside and saw no one, his heart was already hanging.

After all, there is a hotel facility in this place.

Fortunately, he turned a corner and saw the person at the entrance of the elevator.

Fu Mingyu stood under the lamp and looked down at the person in front of him.

His eyes swept across her face, and the little girl seemed a little nervous.

“What do you want to talk to me about”

Originally, it was just an excuse.

Unexpectedly, Fu Mingyu followed her words and asked.

So she had to bite the bullet and say: “It’s the cooperation that I mentioned to you today.

I always have this feeling like you are very interested in it.”

Before the elevator came up, Fu Mingyu said softly: “Go on.”

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“Our company is a blockchain-based centralized… oh no… It is a decentralized open-source tourism distribution platform, which can resolve issues like conflicting flight statuses.”

“Do you mean that the blockchain developed by your company can be used as a single source of flight data” Fu Mingyu glanced at his mobile phone.

Two minutes ago, Ruan Sixian sent him a text message saying ‘I am going to sleep now’.

He looked at the screen and his eyes were filled with warmth that was completely different from his voice.

“The demand for airline product inventory integration and multi-source distribution channels is endless and emerges one after another.

What is the corresponding solution provided by your company’s blockchain technology”

Fu Mingyu just picked two questions at random, but the person opposite him was speechless.


“You don’t even know the business situation of your own company.

What do you rely on to talk to me”

When the elevator arrived, the door opened automatically.

Before Fu Mingyu walked in, he looked back at her and said, “Is it just your face Then you might as well go and find out who my wife is.”

The voice fell, and Zhu Dong, who had listened at the corner for a long time, came out with a smile and kindly made a gesture to the little girl, “Your boss is looking for you.”

After entering the elevator, the two stood side by side.

Zhu Dong looked at the figure of the person who avoided the reflection and said in a bored way: “The way you speak now, is much more gentle.”

“Is that so” Fu Mingyu loosened the button on his collar and softened his tone.

“Maybe because I will be a father soon.”

Remembering that the little girl had just chased him out and wanted to keep him, wanting to ‘talk’ with him, he ridiculed, “I thought my wife was quite famous, but unexpectedly, someone still dared to march forward courageously.”

“Isn’t it your fault too” Zhu Dong said, “Just now, you took the jacket handed over by the other party.

At that time, her eyes already turned wrong.”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyelids, “Otherwise Just leave my jacket there like that My wife bought it.”

He paused for a moment and then added again: “And I am used to it.

The matron in my house is very thoughtful in this regard.”

Zhu Dong was dumbfounded, “I take back what I just said.

You are still the same you, nothing has changed.”


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