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It was a sunny day when Doudou left, and Fu Mingyu personally watched the veterinarian inject an euthanasia drugs into it.

Ruan Sixian received a call from Fu Mingyu in the hospital.

When she arrived at Huguang Mansion, Doudou’s breath was already so shallow that it couldn’t be any more shallow.

Fu Mingyu held its paws and then touched its chest, feeling its heart beat for the last time.

It’s not until Fu Mingyu withdrew his hand that Ruan Sixian heard him sigh.

She had never seen Fu Mingyu like this before, the sadness in her brows was so intense that it couldn’t be melted away, and she had no choice other than accepting this helpless fact.

Ruan Sixian’s heart suddenly felt sour and she hugged him from behind.

“Hubby, don’t be sad.

Our baby is here to accompany you.”

Since it is difficult to determine the impact of high-altitude radiation on pregnant women according to the current relevant standards, Ruan Sixian stopped working after receiving the confirmation information from the hospital.

But these days, she has been idle, and it is difficult for her to fall asleep at night.

Each and every time she closes her eyes and thinks about it, she feels that it is a very magical thing to have a new life in her stomach.

Although her lower abdomen is still flat now, she is careful in every movement, and even has to grab Fu Mingyu’s arm when she turns over.

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After several days like this, even getting up and getting out of bed looked like the Empress Dowager from the Qing Dynasty, Fu Mingyu finally couldn’t stand it any longer.

“It’s a fertilized egg now.

It doesn’t matter even if you go dancing.” Although Fu Mingyu said so, he still picked her up and walked into the washroom, letting her sit on the washbasin with his arms beside her legs.

“Do you want me to wash your face and brush your teeth”

“No, thank you for your kindness.”

Ruan Sixian stretched out her legs to jump down, but was held down by Fu Mingyu.


He looked down at Ruan Sixian’s lower abdomen, raised his hand and gently touched it, then unconsciously smiled.

“Do you want a boy or a girl”

Ruan Sixian asked.

Fu Mingyu said almost without thinking: “Both are fine.”

“But I always have a hunch that it’s a son.” Ruan Sixian stared at Fu Mingyu’s chest in a daze.

“I can always hear a baby boy’s laughter in my dreams recently.”

“Really Then you’re quite amazing.” Fu Mingyu took out a face towel, soaked it and wiped Ruan Sixian’s face.

He said slowly, “You can even distinguish the difference between a baby boy’s voice and a baby girl’s voice.”

Ruan Sixian fell into deep thought, and when Fu Mingyu squeezed out the toothpaste and handed it to her, she said, “I just can tell.”

“You don’t like a son”

Fu Mingyu asked.

Ruan Sixian took the toothbrush and pointed it to Fu Mingyu: “It’s not that I don’t like it.

I just thought, what if our son is just like you”

“What’s wrong with me” Fu Mingyu took her hand and looked at her deeply, “Say it.”

“Oh…” Ruan Sixian said casually, “Harm other people’s daughter, I think.”

“Whose daughter did I harm” Fu Mingyu loosened her hand, turned to pinch her chin, and rubbed her fingertips carefully, “Huh”

The heat in the bathroom in the early morning made Ruan Sixian blush.

When she raised her eyes to meet Fu Mingyu’s gaze, she unknowingly lowered her hand and said awkwardly, “Who knows”

There was a chuckle in the bathroom, “Maybe it’s the daughter from the Ruan family.

I accidentally harassed her and she was going to give birth to a baby for me now.”

It was exactly seven o’clock after washing up.

Aunt Zhang prepared breakfast and Fu Mingyu will just go to the company after he is done eating.

Ruan Sixian put down her toothbrush, rinsed her mouth, and glanced at Fu Mingyu several times as she squeezed together with him to wipe hands.

Suddenly, Ruan Sixian opened her arms towards him.

“The bathroom is slippery.”


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