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Ruan Sixian: “…”

Then when we refuel the plane, we just sign and leave, and there is no such thing as the driver paying for it themself.

On the day Ruan Sixian came home with her driver’s license, Fu Mingyu was sitting on the sofa with a cigarette in his hand.

When he saw her coming in, he smiled and said: “Have you finished the test What car do you want to buy I will take you to choose tomorrow.”

But Ruan Sixian planted her head on the sofa and said dully: “I thought about it on the way back.

For the safety of the people, I’d better not touch the car.”

Fu Mingyu not only didn’t comfort her, but also laughed on the sofa until the ashes shook and fell all over the floor.

The matter of learning to drive came to an end just like this.

Ruan Sixian gave up the idea of driving by herself and enjoyed the service of a professional driver with a peace of mind-

“You don’t have to worry about buying a car, but you can casually practice your skills.” Helan Xiang held the spoon and said again, “I have a car…”


Suddenly hearing Ruan Sixian’s scream, Helan Xiang was so frightened that she threw the spoon, “What’s wrong! What’s wrong!”

Before she had time to ask anything again, Ruan Sixian had already lost her chopsticks and hung on Fu Mingyu like an octopus.

Doudou already ran out at some point unknown, waving its tail under Fu Mingyu’s stool and walking around excitedly.

“Go away, go away! Go away!”

The more Ruan Sixian reacted, the more excited Doudou became.

It even threw its paws on the stool.


“How, how did it get out!”

It was originally her own dog, but when Helan Xiang saw Ruan Sixian’s situation, she seemed to think that there was some kind of fierce beast in front of her, “How did this dog learn to open the door on its own now!”

Although Fu Mingyu was overjoyed and his brows trembled with laughter, he still stood up and walked aside with Ruan Sixian in his arms.

He raised his chin toward Fu Chengyu, “Brother, solve it please.”

Fu Chengyu put down his chopsticks, got up and grabbed Doudou’s front paws, then dragged it upstairs.

But when he turned around, Ruan Sixian clearly saw that he was also smiling.

And Fu Boting, who has always been unsmiling at the table, also curled the corner of his mouth.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

After the initiator was dragged up the stairs, Ruan Sixian took a long time to calm down her breathing before she noticed that she was still hanging on Fu Mingyu.

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She jumped down quickly, sat upright on the stool, straightened her hair, and pretended not to see their smiles.

But Fu Mingyu’s smile has persisted until now and she feels that it is indeed too much.

She turned her head, gritted her teeth and said: “Is it funny”

Fu Mingyu pulled the corners of his mouth, “It’s okay.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Then you and your dog son can grow old together.

The two of us won’t be able to continue anymore-

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, the two stayed at Huguang Mansion for the night.

When the clock rang at 12 o’clock, the year was over, and the family of five went back to their rooms to sleep.

Ruan Sixian came out of the shower and glanced at Fu Mingyu who was lying on the bed reading a book.

Then she went around the back of the bed, sat down with her back to him and applied body lotion.

The two remained silent, and there was only the sound of turning pages in the room.

After taking care of herself, Ruan Sixian got into the bed and looked at Fu Mingyu with the top half of her face exposed.

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly felt cool around her neck.

She reached out and touched the pillow, then took out a red envelope.

Ruan Sixian immediately sat up, opened the red envelope and counted the money.

Her eyes were wide open, as if she was so delighted at the sight of money.

“I still receive it this year”

Fu Mingyu gave a faint ‘um’ sound.

“If others hear about this, it will make them laugh.” Ruan Sixian said with a smile as she counted the money, “I’m twenty-eight already but still receive New Year’s money.”


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