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On New Year’s Eve, Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian went to Huguang Mansion to celebrate the new year.

There was still snow on the green plants by the roadside, the branches were shaky, and the rustle of snow could be heard wherever they passed.

There are several red lanterns hanging in the living room, and some red paper-cut decorations for windows are pasted in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Although there are not many, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival rises slowly under the warm yellow lights.

When Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian arrived, the New Year’s Eve dinner was already set on the table.

Helan Xiang has never been in the habit of extravagance and wasting food, and the aunt who cooked tonight also went home already.

Others are not very good at cooking, and they can’t help with anything except doing some small task.

So she did it alone, cooking only six or seven dishes and then quitting.

However, although there are not many dishes, the best thing is that it is delicate.

During the dinner, Helan Xiang glanced at Fu Chengyu and said: “What are your plans for next year”

Fu Chengyu said a lot of work plans, and Helan Xiang raised her hand to interrupt him, “Who asked you about this Wei Wei, who used to come to you when you both were still children, do you remember her It’s Ran Yuwei, she even got married last month.

But what about you Who else grew up together with you that is still not married Even your younger brother is married already.”

“Remember.” Fu Chengyu skipped the point directly, “She also smashed your vase.”

When this matter was mentioned, Fu Chengyu’s goal was immediately achieved.

Helan Xiang really didn’t want to talk about this girl anymore.

She turned around and asked Ruan Sixian: “Didn’t you get your driver’s license Do you want to buy a car after the new year”

Ruan Sixian’s hand was still holding the chopsticks and she choked for a moment.

She didn’t know how to answer, while Fu Mingyu next to him was facing eight pieces of crabs in front of him.

He seemed to be concentrating on cutting the crabs, but he laughed unabashedly.

“What are you laughing at”

Helan Xiang asked.

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This matter of buying a car, let’s talk about it later.”

After Fu Mingyu finished speaking, he turned his head and raised his eyebrows at Ruan Sixian, the smile in his eyes had not subsided, and even without restraint as if he was asking for a beating, “Right”

“Oh, right.” Ruan Sixian lowered her head and picked up the rice, “There’s no need to rush.

We will talk about it again later.”

Ruan Sixian indeed got her driver’s license, but the process was really tortuous.

In fact, before she went to sign up, some older captains reminded her: There is no need, no need.

Really no need.

Fu Mingyu also said that there is no need to take the test.

Just call the driver to go wherever she wants to go.

It’s just that Ruan Sixian often rides in Fu Mingyu’s car.

Seeing that he can overtake and change lanes with ease in the traffic flow, she feels a little envious and wants to show off too, so she enrolled in the driving school at the beginning of this year.

But she never thought that it would take her nearly a year to get a driver’s license.

Not enough time to practice driving the car is one aspect, and the main reason is that the operation of the car is too difficult for her.

For example, when overtaking, she is not used to looking at the traffic flow on the left or the traffic flow on the right.

She just wants to accelerate in a straight line and pulls up the steering wheel, making the coach feel so distressed.

When encountering a red light, her first reaction is not to hit the brakes, but to find a place to go around.

After the plane landed and entered the apron, she had to rely on a guide car.

So when she learned to reverse the car into the garage, she was not used to twisting her neck to look at the line markings, and always wanted to find a guide car with a big ‘follow me’ written on it and let the car be towed in.

And when she sits alone in the car and the coach is not around, she always feels unsafe when she sees no one in the right seat.

On the day Ruan Sixian got her driver’s license after a lot of hard work, the driving school coach who had taught many pilots had long lost his temper, holding a cigarette and joking happily: “Remember, when you go to the gas station to refuel, don’t forget to give money.”


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