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The ceramic teacher was a girl in her early twenties.

She sat down and looked at Ruan Sixian with her chin propped up.

“When did you and your husband get married”

Ruan Sixian: “Last winter.”

“Then, do you have children”

“Not yet.”

“I also want to get married so much.

I am always alone after I go back to my dormitory every day.” The ceramic teacher laughed so much that her eyes were curved.

She was full of longing, “It’s nice to have a husband.”

When the shape was finished, the wheel stopped.

Ruan Sixian took it off and casually said, “Where’s the niceness It’s not nice at all.

He always cares about this and cares about that all day.

Really annoys me to death.”

The wind chimes at the door rang, bringing in a fleeting cold wind.

Ruan Sixian raised her head and glanced at the person who came, then immediately squeezed off the mud on her hands before turning back and said to the ceramic teacher: “My husband has come to pick me up.

I will go first then.

Please help me dry it.”

The ceramic teacher gave a stuffy reply.

Didn’t she say it’s not nice to get married She even run faster than a dog when she saw her husband coming-

The two walked out of the pottery art hall and the snowflakes were falling one after another.

Ruan Sixian stood by the roadside, and her breath turned into white smoke.

Whether it’s the noisy streets or the brightly lit storefronts, the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is everywhere.

“It’s snowing again.”

She was not in a hurry to get in the car and walked forward holding Fu Mingyu instead, while the driver slowly followed behind them.


Ruan Sixian raised her head and looked at the snow.

“I still remember that when it snowed the year before last, it was New Year’s Eve.

You came back from Singapore to spend the New Year with me.

When it snowed last year, it was Christmas.

We watched a movie at home all afternoon.”

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She said mumblingly: “We watched ‘Casablanca’, do you remember”

Fu Mingyu thought for a moment and nodded, “I remember.”

Ruan Sixian snorted softly, “What a liar.

You slept even better than a pig.”

Fu Mingyu’s pace slowed down, and the snow in front of him dazzled him.

“You are not yet thirty years old.

Why do you always think about the past recently”

“I don’t know.” Ruan Sixian lowered her head and moved her chin into her scarf.

In fact, she did not deliberately recall the past.

It’s just that she felt the time passed neither fast nor slow, but it was very clear.

When she casually mentioned it, she found that many things were deeply engraved in her mind.

After a moment of silence, Ruan Sixian figured out some other emotions from Fu Mingyu’s words.

“Alas.” She sighed, “You are thirty-one years old already.”

“Why” Fu Mingyu raised his eyelids.

“Have you been watching any talent-show again recently”

Hundreds of boys in their teens and twenties stood there together, singing and dancing, while Ruan Sixian sat on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn in her arms and watched intently, saying ‘this little brother is so handsome, this little brother is so cute’ one after another.

Fu Mingyu doesn’t want to watch it, but the TV at home is so big and high-definition.

He can see several young faces with just a casual glance.

Besides, Ruan Sixian often votes with his mobile phone too.

Strange to say, he sometimes stopped to take a look, and even remembered a few names.

“That’s not it.” Ruan Sixian tugged at his hand, “Tell me honestly, have your parents ever urged you privately”

“What are they urging”

“What do you think”

“Oh that.



“Really.” Fu Mingyu thought of something and suddenly laughed, “This is the advantage of having an older brother.

If he doesn’t have a child yet, it’s inconvenient for us to overstep it too, isn’t it”

The corners of Ruan Sixian’s mouth twitched, “Is that how you take advantage of your brother But in my opinion, you get married before your brother, and it shows that you don’t have much respect for the elderly.”


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