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Fu Mingyu pondered for a moment and then suddenly said, “Wait a moment.”


After Fu Mingyu finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Ruan Sixian looked at the screen of her mobile phone, not knowing what to do for a while.

“Let’s go.”

Zheng You’an touched her stomach and began to think about where to eat her dinner.

“I am hungry.

While we are on our way home, let’s go eat something.”

A few minutes later, Ni Tong came back again and whispered: “You two can go down now.”

Zheng You’an stood up with satisfaction, flexed her arms and bowed her head before saying: “Let’s go.”

At this time, Fu Mingyu called again.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he simply said: “The route along the coast is normal, and there is no flow control.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t react for a while, “Huh”

Fu Mingyu added again, “The captain of your flight now is a foreign captain.”

Ruan Sixian: “Huh”



She blinked suddenly, as if she understood something.

On the other end of the phone, Fu Mingyu chuckled, “Captain Ruan, I have prepared the meteor shower viewing base on Yuanhu Island for you.

Are you coming”

Ruan Sixian’s eyes inadvertently crossed the cabin and went straight to the cockpit door.

Two seconds later.

“Wait for me!”

She hung up the phone, unfastened her seat belt, stood up and looked at Ni Tong.

“Who is the co-pilot today”

Ni Tong: “Chen Ming, what’s the matter”

Ruan Sixian: “Is the captain in the cockpit”

Ni Tong: “Captain An, Anderson He is in the dispatch department at the moment.”

Ruan Sixian: “Has it been confirmed with the flow control that a thunderstorm is on the route and cannot take off”

Ni Tong: “Yes.”

Ruan Sixian’s eyes turned around, her thoughts coincided with those of Fu Mingyu.

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Air routes are divided into domestic routes and international routes.

Flights with foreign pilots can only fly international routes, but flights without foreign pilots can fly on all routes.

The route with a thunderstorm today is an international route and that is also why they cannot take off.

The other route has normal weather.

Although the foreign captain can’t fly that route, she can.

It happened that her flight time and rest period met the flight conditions today.

Ruan Sixian suddenly let out a long breath.

Then she stepped into the corridor, grabbed a headband from her bag, tied her hair, and said to Ni Tong: “Call the flight department to send the flight assignment book, and ask the person in the director’s office to send my license and documents at the same time.”

Ni Tong and Zheng You’an: “Huh”

With her long hair tied behind her head, Ruan Sixian brushed her ponytail and walked towards the cockpit.

“I am taking over the plane now.”

Ni Tong and Zheng You’an were stunned, and when the passengers reacted to the current situation, there was a roar in the cabin.


After several phone calls, within fifteen minutes, the flight assignment book, license and documents were all delivered to Ruan Sixian.

Before taking off, Ruan Sixian called Fu Mingyu.

Fu Mingyu: “Have you taken off”

“Right away.” She looked at the dashboard with a smirk on the corners of her mouth.

“Husband, wait for me.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu looked at the setting sun.

“I will wait for you at the airport.”

After hanging up the phone, the co-pilot beside her was still a little stunned, and he didn’t quite understand how his captain suddenly changed.

“Cap, Captain Ruan…”

“Prepare to take off.” Ruan Sixian turned on the headset, “Time is running out.”

Ten minutes later, the plane was unplugged from the ground power supply and took off.

Ruan Sixian: “Section 80.”

Co-pilot: “Section 80 check.”

Ruan Sixian: “V1.”

Co-pilot: “V1 check.”

Ruan Sixian: “V2.”

Co-pilot: “V2 check.”


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