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The girl who had just asked Fu Mingyu to ask for a WeChat heard the discussions of the people around her, and finally knew why she thought he looked familiar.

Isn’t it the President of Hengshi Airlines who was once searched because of Li Zhihuai!

Isn’t that the boyfriend of the female pilot who made the forced landing!

The girl looked towards the cockpit and her heart almost stopped.

The other party’s wife is there but she just went to him to ask for his Wechat.

What a wonderful and embarrassing fate.

Three hours later, the plane landed at Yuanhu Island Airport on time.

Some passengers did not rush to leave after getting off the plane, and stayed beside the crew car.

As soon as Ruan Sixian came out, they all gathered around to take a group picture.

Ruan Sixian, surrounded by the crowd, turned her head and raised her chin towards Fu Mingyu.

Her eyes are very arrogant.

Fu Mingyu stood alone and kept waiting there.

No one paid any attention to him except a flight attendant that brought him a bottle of mineral water from the plane.

It was not until the temperature got higher and higher, and the ground crew came up to drive the people away, that Ruan Sixian was able to escape.

Fu Mingyu came over and embraced her.

“Captain Ruan landed safely.”

“Hey, they all pestered me to take a group picture.

If I knew it would be like this, I would have applied the foundation before my makeup today.”

In the restaurant, Ruan Sixian tidied her hair using her mobile phone as the mirror.

“I don’t know if it looks good on camera and I was also embarrassed to check the pictures.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her, took a spoon and filled her a bowl of soup.

“Can you eat first”

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Although Ruan Sixian answered, she acted like she didn’t hear it, and was playing with her mobile phone again.

“This picture was blurred but it was still posted!”

Ruan Sixian searched her name online and it came up with many real-time Weibo, which made her very angry.

“Can’t you take more pictures so you can have more to choose from I don’t even charge you for taking pictures!”

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“Captain Ruan.” Fu Mingyu pushed the bowl to her front and emphasized again, “Eat.”


Ruan Sixian slowly put down her phone, took chopsticks, took a bite of food, and couldn’t help but look around.

Yuanhu island is not an island.

It has been naturally leveled to a flat land by the vicissitudes of life.

This restaurant is located in the center of Yuanhu island.

It is built in the open air, with a view of the endless wetlands.

Seeing her looking around, but the rice in the bowl didn’t move much, Fu Mingyu put down his chopsticks and looked at her with his arms folded.

“Are you implying something to me”

“Huh What”

“Is it so hard to eat a meal Do you want me to feed you”


Ruan Sixian picked up the chopsticks again.

“Say, why can’t you get rid of your narcissism I’m just a little excited.”

After the meal, the two walked to the open grassland of Yuanhu island.

“You’re quite familiar with this place.” Ruan Sixian followed Fu Mingyu over without even using a navigation app, “Have you been to this place before”

“Yes.” Fu Mingyu found a bench and sat down.

“I saw the meteor shower a few years ago.

This is a good place to observe the meteor shower.”

Ruan Sixian was originally sitting nicely on the bench, but after hearing what he said, she leaned over to look at him up and down, and suddenly raised her head and grinned for a while.

Fu Mingyu didn’t quite understand the new captain’s brain circuit, “What are you laughing at”

“I want to laugh when I think of you lying on this grass looking like a maiden in love.”

Maiden Fu frowned helplessly, “I think the scene of hundreds of thousands of meteors showering down is not so maiden.”

“Hundreds of thousands…”

Ruan Sixian’s smile subsided, turning into a shallow arc at the corner of her mouth, looking up at the sky.

“It turns out that you are still quite a romantic person.

You jumped in the waterfalls and came to such a distant place to watch the dust of the universe.”


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