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Who doesn’t know that Yan’an likes internet celebrities best, and no one in the circle knows the two or three things between internet celebrities better than him.

But Yan’an didn’t pay attention to other people’s ridicule.

When he heard the word ‘Xia Yiyi’, he craned his neck to look over and looked at it unabashedly.

It was only when Xia Yiyi was embarrassed that Yan’an realized that he was impolite and coughed twice to conceal the embarrassment.

Yes, he does know, but how does it look different from the picture

Fu Mingyu, who was beside him, saw his shock, and smiled at him unusually, then got up and went to the card table to watch the game.

In this way, Yan’an ended up sitting with Xia Yiyi.

This means several things…

Yan’an and Xia Yiyi looked at each other.

The latter smiled friendly, but her eyes soon fell on Fu Mingyu’s back.

Yan’an sneered at Fu Mingyu’s back, then walked over and stood next to Fu Mingyu while leaning against Zhu Dong’s shoulder.

“Putting out the four barrels Can you even play cards If you can’t, get up and let me play.

President Fu, do you actually want to play or not How about we play two games of billiards “

Fu Mingyu lit a cigarette.

Always in the tone that was too lazy to deal with him, “Not interested.”

“I think the younger sister in the back is very interested in you.”

“Really” Fu Mingyu answered and saw Xia Yiyi and Zhu Dong’s girlfriend go out hand in hand.

When they went out, she looked back at him.

Fu Mingyu only acted as if he didn’t see this fluid glance and waited after the person had gone out before he said, “I don’t want to appear on the entertainment news together with the internet celebrity’s name.

After breaking up, will be digged out and scolded by fans, even got the car keys confiscated by the old man in the house.”

There was another laughter on the card table.

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Yan’an was used to being ridiculed by Fu Mingyu.

He sneered again and ignored him.

He bent over Zhu Dong’s neck and said, “By the way, I recently met a female pilot.

She is so amazing, really.

She’s more beautiful than those female stars.

Moreover, she’s still a pilot.

Do you dare to believe that”

Fu Mingyu’s eyes flashed slightly, his index finger was slightly bent, and a piece of the cigarette’s ash fell.

Hearing the pilot who is ‘prettier than female stars’, how could the attention of the several men at the table be on the tough card.

“Really Let’s see the picture.

Yan’an took out the phone, her eyes full of triumph, “Okay, I will look through the circle of friends.

Really, it’s not my exaggeration.

If I can find a female pilot as my wife, my father will even wake up laughing in his sleep.

I’m going to kneel in the ancestral hall to thank my ancestors for their blessing first.”

Zhu Dong took the card and glanced at Yan’an, “What a good fellow.

You moved so fast.

Yesterday, you almost got scolded by your ex-girlfriend into the hot search, and today you have already got the female pilot’s WeChat.

The problem is, she is a woman who can fly to the sky.

Will she even look at you”

Yan’an raised his eyebrows, his fingers slid quickly.

“That’s not necessarily so.

Oh, by the way, President Fu is really great.

He just abruptly snatched this person from our Beihang.” While speaking, he turned his head to look at Fu Mingyu, “President Fu, you have already snatched my person, but you wouldn’t be thinking about preventing the freedom to choose one’s spouse too, right”

Yan’an is a cheap man.

He knows that he will only get a sneer from Fu, but he still says so.

“That might be true.”

Yan’an only acted as if he didn’t hear Fu Mingyu’s words, and he continued to slide through his mobile phone: “Oh, there are no selfies in Moments.

Hey, this is the case with real beauties.

They don’t take pictures at ordinary times.”

A few people laughed and booed.

Anyway, they know his virtue.

He always brag about all of his girlfriends like that.

Only Fu Mingyu kept his eyes on the screen of Yan’an mobile phone.


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