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Ruan Sixian also followed her gaze, and felt as if there’s an earthquake shaking her pupils.


Holy crap, this is too big.

Did you really carry a pigeon egg in your hand

Helan Xiang caught her eye and thought she was envious.

After the host finished welcoming them and left, Helan Xiang touched the ring on her hand and said: “Actually, bigger diamonds are not always better.

Speaking of which, I saw a fancy vivid pink diamond in South Africa a few months ago.

It’s a fancy pink diamond certified by GIA.

In my opinion, a wedding ring has to be like this to be meaningful.

It is particularly pure and its shape is also exquisite.

It will definitely look so good on the hand.

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of effort to buy it but in the end some unknown bastard quietly snatched it away.

I will help you search for it later and I’ll let you know when there is something suitable.”

Hearing this, Fu Chengyu glanced sideways and looked at the little bastard.

The little bastard did not change his face.

He raised his arm, seemingly holding Ruan Sixian casually and walked past in front of Helan Xiang.

And the delicate pink diamond in Ruan Sixian’s hand that had been cut and inlaid flashed past Helan Xiang.

Helan Xiang later felt that the pink diamond looked familiar, and the veins on her temples suddenly jumped up.

The pigeon egg in Zheng You’an’s hand is really eye-catching wherever she goes.

Towards the end of the banquet, she could also hear someone talking about the dove egg in the corridor.

“Little President Yan is really too extravagant.

That ring on Zheng You’an’s hand is really…Even I am afraid that her hand will be tired.”

“It’s nothing if it was only her hand that is tired.

There will be things that Zheng You’an’s heart will be tired about in the future, right”

“When you say it like that, I really feel that she is quite pitiful.

How much of a playboy Little President Yan is, you all know it too, right Now that the Zheng family is also an empty shell, they have no choice other than letting him do whatever he wants.”

Yan’an stood beside Zheng You’an and heard these words clearly.

He caught a glimpse of Zheng You’an dropping her eyes.

He is upset and there’s also anger in his eyes.

He was about to walk there, but Zheng You’an grabbed him.

She adjusted her gloves and walked over with a smile while swaying her hand where the pigeon egg is.

“I am pitiful My fiance has more money than your husband and looks better than your husband.

Even if I get divorced, I can get money you can’t earn in your entire life.

Where am I pitiful”

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The few people who were discussing in private suffocated and stared blankly at the two in front of them.

Yan’an didn’t look at them, but just glanced at Zheng You’an lightly and pulled her away from the place.

On the way, he thought of something and sneered: “We haven’t even gotten married yet, but you already talk about divorce.”

“Just in case, lest people call me an abandoned woman from a wealthy family.” Zheng You’an looked up at him, “Right, Brother Yan’an”

On the other hand, Helan Xiang finally realized that the bastard who silently stole her beloved diamond was her own son.

After taking a long time to digest this fact, when she thought that it was for Ruan Sixian, she just accepted this matter.

Once she accepted this one thing, she began to worry about other things.

“Such a big matter, he didn’t even discuss it with me in advance.

With that vision of his, if he really gets something like a pigeon egg or the likes, how vulgar it would be.”

That night, Helan Xiang stayed up all night.

Early the next morning, she came up with a wedding plan to satisfy her long-buried designer soul.

But the two parties involved that sat on the opposite side only took a look at her plan, then shook their heads and said no.

“Why Is this scene not beautiful or not rich enough”

Helan Xiang slapped the plan on the table, “Come, come, come.

Please tell me a thing or two about it.”


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