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Fu Mingyu thought for a while, but didn’t go on.

“When is your high-altitude flight test”

“Next month.”

Ruan Sixian pulled the topic over again, looking like she was very interested in this problem.

“No way, who is President Yan anyway Would he really be willing to give up a lot of his forest just to help the Zheng family”

“Is the Yan family a charity organization”

Fu Mingyu said, “Although the Zheng family is crumbling, their hotel industry base for many years is still there.

If the Yan family is willing to spend their financial and material resources to pull them, then the benefits are absolutely worth it.

In just a few years, the actual profits of the Zheng family hotel will flow into the Yan family.”

He didn’t say the rest, but Ruan Sixian already understood.

Making this decision is nothing more than willingness to be a servant.

Although it has lost its sovereignty, it can at least avoid carrying high debts.

As for this marriage, it was just a ruler put by the Zheng family on the Yan family, which marked the bottom line of the Yan family’s work.

Ruan Sixian propped her chin and seemed to be distracted.

Fu Mingyu stands up, and only his lower body is left in the camera.

He took two steps back, took off his shirt, and threw it on the bed, but didn’t wear any other clothes either.

She didn’t know what he was looking at while holding the iPad.

Ruan Sixian’s gaze wandered around the mermaid line at his lower abdomen twices, scratched her ears, pretended not to care and said, “Didn’t they have the same idea to you before”

After all, if what they want is a ‘marriage-of-convenience’, Ruan Sixian feels that Fu Mingyu is more suitable than Yan’an.


Fu Mingyu answered so succinctly that Ruan Sixian did not know what to say anymore.

She was suddenly afraid.

Although this ‘fear’ is completely superfluous at this time.

“Ah…” Ruan Sixian’s heart skipped a beat and she whispered in a very small voice, “That was close.”

But Fu Mingyu still heard it.

He looked back at the camera and said, “What was close I refused at that time.”


“The first time you hit me.”

Ruan Sixian’s pupils trembled, thinking that this person was too strange.

“So, you refused because of me”

When Fu Mingyu came to the camera again, the dim light reflected on his face, softening his facial features, and seemed to be close at hand.


Do you feel honored”

Ruan Sixian stared at him for a long time and was shocked by his self-confidence: “You are so crazy.

You dare to make such a choice even when there’s not the slightest sign of anything happening yet”

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What if he failed in chasing her Wouldn’t he lose a lot by then

“But facts prove,” Fu Mingyu looked at her quietly, “that I was right.”

Outside the window, the sound of summer insects and cicadas continued.

Her memory was being pulled back to that time last year.

It seems like it was just yesterday, but it also seems like a long time has passed.

Ruan Sixian’s eyes were filled with tiny rays of light as she looked at Fu Mingyu on the small screen.

She felt the feeling of being firmly chosen by a person who threw out any gambling chips in his hand.

There are a lot of things she wants to say in her heart, but when it arrives in her mouth, it turns into a simple sentence.

“Come back quickly.”

In August, Fu Mingyu had finished his work in Singapore, but he had not returned yet.

He was leading his team to spot check the situation of various overseas business departments.

It was like playing chess.

Today he is in Australia, the day after tomorrow he will be in America, and two days after that, he will be going to Europe again.

The engagement banquet between Zheng You’an and Yan’an is also in this month.

Ruan Sixian received a call a week in advance that asked her to try on the dress.

There is a dress customization workshop in Jiangcheng.

The owner is a rare designer in China who has obtained the membership of the Paris Haute Couture Union who only makes semi-custom dresses according to the original shape modification.

The cycle period is short, but it is very popular in Jiangcheng.


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