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After speaking, he walked to Zheng You’an with a coffee cup and touched her shoulder, “I will go to the bathroom.”

In the setting sun, Zheng You’an looked at the camera without raising her head, “Oh.”

Yan’an still wanted to say something, but seeing Zheng You’an’s attitude, he shut his mouth instead.

When he passed by Ruan Sixian, he saw that she didn’t look unhappy at all.

He knew at that moment that it was mostly a messy assumption that day, so he didn’t bother to ask more questions.

The shooting behind her was also coming to an end.

When Ruan Sixian turned her head back, she saw several pilots were sweating from their foreheads.

Facing the photographer in front of them, they dared not say anything.

And Zheng You’an turned over the pictures on the screen and frowned, “What do you think”

Talking to me

Ruan Sixian leaned halfway over to take a look, then nodded, “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay!” Zheng You’an turned off the camera and held the tripod in her hand.

“If it’s okay, then it means it’s not good.

You and your boyfriend really have the same aesthetic level.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Nothing in this world is eternal, but Zheng You’an is.

However, the sky was getting dark at the moment, and even if Zheng You’an wanted to continue to grind others, she would have to change the time.

She raised her hand and asked her assistant to pack up, temporarily letting go of the poor non-professional models.

Now, there is no need for Zheng You’an to answer and Ruan Sixian already knows what she is here for.

“Are you taking the promotional photo for Beihang’s air show this year now”


Zheng You’an nodded, took the water handed over by the assistant, drank two mouthfuls, and turned her eyes around, “Yesterday morning…”

“Classmate, met by chance, unfamiliar.”


Ruan Sixian raised her hand to cover her face from the sun, pulled her flight case and prepared to leave when she heard Zheng You’an ask: “Did you just come back from Singapore Did you go to clean yourself up”

“Otherwise It’s really thanks to you.”

Ruan Sixian turned her head back and asked, “Speaking of which, I’m also curious, why did you and Yan’an go to the movies early in the morning Was it because the bed was not warm enough”

“Don’t talk nonsense.

We didn’t sleep together.”


Is that the point


Ruan Sixian tilted her head, feeling very puzzled, “What do you mean Are you and Yan’an in a relationship”

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“Sort of.”

Sort of

Can it even be called ‘sort of’

Ruan Sixian didn’t understand the world of the rich, but Zheng You’an stirred the straw with a look of indifference.

“We’re getting engaged.”


No matter how shocked Ruan Sixian is, the engagement between Zheng You’an and Yan’an is already a certainty.

Two months later, she and Fu Mingyu both received invitations.

On the eve of Valentine’s day in August, an engagement banquet will be held at Warner Manor.

Fu Mingyu was invited by the Yan’s family, while Ruan Sixian received the invitation from Zheng You’an.

In fact, during these past two months, Ruan Sixian also heard Fu Mingyu talk about this matter one after another.

It cannot be called a sudden thing either.

The two families have discussed it for a long time already.

“So, this is a marriage of convenience”

Ruan Sixian asked.

At the other end of the video, Fu Mingyu leaned against the bedside and lazily flipped through the book in his hand.

“Only when the two families have the same strength can it be called marriage of convenience.

Their marriage cannot be counted as one.”

“What is it called then”

Fu Mingyu looked up at the camera, “The current situation of the Zheng family requires someone to pull them.”

“Are they already in such a bad situation…” Ruan Sixian murmured, “Last month, when I saw their wedding anniversary, it seemed like it was quite grand.”

The wedding anniversary she mentioned was naturally the anniversary of Dong Xian and Zheng Taichu.

“Precisely because of this, the grandness shown cannot be lacking all the more.” Fu Mingyu said, “Two years ago, the capital operation of the Zheng family had already collapsed.



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