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Then Fu Mingyu put his hands on the desk and leaned forward.

Ruan Sixian swallowed her saliva and her ears began to turn red.

Fu Mingyu stared at Ruan Sixian with deep eyes, and his Adam’s apple rolled.

Ruan Sixian’s breathing gradually became unsteady, and her hand tightly clasped the edge of the table.


Isn’t he unwell!!!

For a whole night, Ruan Sixian understood what it meant to shoot herself in the foot.

And never use the patient’s condition to judge the explosive power of a man when the sperm enters his brain.

With documents scattered under the desk, and messy clothes on the sofa, also handprints on the bathroom mirror…

In the end, Ruan Sixian lay on the bed, shrinking into a shrimp.

Her hair was wet with sweat and stuck to her cheek.

She looked very uncomfortable, but she didn’t move.

Fu Mingyu wanted to take her to take a bath.

He leaned over and lifted the quilt, but as soon as he touched Ruan Sixian’s shoulder, he heard her frown and say: “Get out!”


“What’s the matter with you”

The movement of Fu Mingyu’s hand paused, but he still pressed her shoulders, and said with a smile in his voice, “You were very unrestrained before, but let me get out afterwards”

Although the tossing didn’t stop until the middle of the night, and there was no strength anymore in her body, and her eyelids were also as heavy as lead, Ruan Sixian still didn’t want to sleep.

The curtains are excellent at blocking light.

Even if the neon lights are flashing in the outside world, there is no light at all in the room.

Ruan Sixian huddled under the quilt and rambled a lot about trivial things.

She didn’t know when she fell asleep at last.

The next day, it was still Fu Mingyu who woke her up.

After getting on the plane, Ruan Sixian put on a blindfold to make up for her sleep, but the child next to her cried the whole time.

The child cannot be coaxed even after the parents sang, hugged and walked around.

So after landing, Ruan Sixian opened her eyes and leaned back on the chair for a long time.

Her eyes looked a little world-weary.

The little girl who borrowed her charger next to her seat didn’t dare to say more.

She only said “Thank you” and hurried off the plane.

The plane did not stop by the covered bridge, and the first-class passengers got on the shuttle bus first.

Ruan Sixian was the last one to go up.

She leaned her head against the window of the bus and half squinted her eyes, as if she was going to fall asleep in the next second.

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When the shuttle bus slowly approached the terminal, it braked and she knocked her head on the window, and her sleepiness disappeared instantly.

She rubbed her eyes and looked out the window.

Two young men were carrying something across the apron and ran very fast.

Because the two young men looked inexplicably familiar, she took a few more glances and her eyes followed to their destination.

First, she saw the lighting, behind which there was a tripod, and the person standing next to it was… Zheng You’an

“Why are you here”

Ruan Sixian took the flight box and wandered to the apron.

After asking, she saw an idle rich man sitting on the chair behind.

Thinking of the photos in Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone, she pulled the corners of her mouth, “President Yan is also here”

Yan’an, who was originally looking at his mobile phone with his legs crossed, raised his eyes when he heard Ruan Sixian’s voice.

Seeing Ruan Sixian’s expression, there was a burst of goose bumps that appeared on his back for no reason.

But Yan’an has a clear conscience.

He put away his mobile phone, took a cup of coffee next to it, and calmly sipped it twice before saying, “What’s the matter”

“Nothing.” Ruan Sixian supported her flight box, looked around and said with a smile, “I just want to ask you when you will go watch a movie again next time.

I will try to avoid it.”


Yan’an is a little angry but after some thinking, he decided to just let it go.

He won’t argue with women.

Moreover, he was kind enough to send a message to Fu Mingyu, but as a result, the other party not only didn’t know how good his intentions were, but also mistook a good man for a bad one.

Turning around, he saw Zheng You’an looking at him again, so he stood up and loosened his bow tie.

“About this, you can ask Zheng You’an.

Whenever she wants to see a movie early in the morning again, it is whenever I will go too.”


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