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The other party threw in a sentence casually: “Then don’t wear it.”

“Fu Mingyu, do you even hear what you say yourself Is it still something that a human says”

Ruan Sixian folded her arms, “Then I won’t sleep.

You can just watch me become sleepy to death here.”

When Fu Mingyu came to the sofa, he suddenly remembered something.

Then he turned around and walked back to the room.

“Then I will find you one.”


Ruan Sixian turned around, lying on the back of the sofa and looking at him.

“Do you have a woman’s pajamas here Fu Mingyu, did you do something that let me down If you tell me now, I will still leave your whole body intact for you.

Otherwise, you will be on the local news on Singapore’s TV tomorrow.

A Chinese man was murdered in a hotel.

He died miserably and had seven orifices——”

Before she finished speaking, a pure white shirt was placed in front of her.

“Wear it.”


Ruan Sixian stared blankly at Fu Mingyu with disbelief in her eyes.

“Fu Mingyu, I think you are really a little perverted.”

“Why am I perverted” Fu Mingyu felt amused, “This shirt can be worn directly as a skirt for you.

It’s spacious and comfortable, so why can’t it be used as pajamas”

“I don’t want to.”

“There’s nothing else then.”

“You can call someone to send a set for me, like what you did just now.”

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“Young woman, look at what time it is now.

Don’t they need to get off work too”


Fu Mingyu walked to the table, checked the time, and took the medicine again according to the doctor’s advice.

After drinking the water, he looked up, closed his eyes and rubbed his brow bone.

Ruan Sixian looked at his weak appearance and a laugh suddenly came out from the corners of her curled lips.

What a dog man.

He is in poor health now and has no strength, but still has a lot of cunning ideas.

“Okay then.”

She picked up the shirt and went into the bathroom.

When the sound of water came from inside, Fu Mingyu glanced back and saw a dim and slim figure reflected behind the frosted glass.

He lowered his eyes and put a copy of the route maintenance support plan from the maintenance department of the Singapore Business Department in front of him.

After he was done reading the plan carefully, Ruan Sixian just came out of the bathroom.

The white shirt was wide and covered her body, making it seem spacious inside.

The curves of her upper body were looming, and the thigh of the pair of long legs were covered.

She walked to Fu Mingyu’s desk with her hands on her back, and bent down with her elbows supporting her chin.

“President Fu.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her with a faint look in his eyes, but he ignored her.

“Brother.” Ruan Sixian reached out and hooked his sleeve, “Are you going to sleep or not”

Fu Mingyu turned a page of the document, but still ignored her.

Ruan Sixian looked at him with a smile and tilted her head, “Are you still working”

“What do you want to do” Fu Mingyu glanced at her lightly.

“I see that you didn’t eat that much, haven’t rested that much either, and also took medicine.

I want you to go to bed earlier.”

There was a smile on her face, but her feet under the table gently rubbed against his calf.

But Fu Mingyu didn’t respond.

He just looked back at her.

Under the lighting that came only from the floor lamp next to the table, his eyes darkened.

Ruan Sixian snorted inwardly.

Therefore, what are you doing being flirtatious for when you are obviously so powerless.

She took two steps back and leaned back against the sofa, with one leg straightened and the other half-bent.

“It’s really hard for you.

You still have to work although it’s already so late.”

After speaking, she lifted the hem of her clothes, turned around and walked towards the room, “Then, I will go to sleep first.”


Suddenly, a hoarse voice came from behind her.

When Ruan Sixian heard this voice, her heart suddenly sank.

Before she turned around, she was picked up by him and placed on the desk.

The pen and paper on the table were swept away and made a dull sound on the carpet.

Seeing his fiery eyes, Ruan Sixian subconsciously leaned back.


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