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What else can it be other than I miss you.

This sentence was about to blurt out, but after thinking about it, she turned her head, straightened her hair, and said casually: “I passed by.”

“Passed by”

Fu Mingyu turned his head to the side and leaned over to look at her, but his palms slid up along her ankles, “Then, do you want to leave something behind”

“You——” Ruan Sixian shuddered all over and kicked him, “Are you still a human!”

Fu Mingyu hooped her, who struggled, and laughed softly, “Have you eaten yet”

Ruan Sixian said grumpily: “What do you say I just got off the plane.”

“Then, I will take you out to eat”

“No, I don’t want to move.”

“Okay.” Fu Mingyu reached out and picked up his mobile phone from the table.

“I will have someone deliver the meal.”

“Then I will get up and take a bath.” Ruan Sixian struggled to get up.

“Singapore is so hot.

I was sweating when I got off the plane.”

“Don’t move.” Fu Mingyu pressed her back into his arms again, “Let me hold you for a while longer.”

The beams of the street lamps flowed quietly in the room, carrying the colorful neon colors.

It reflected on Ruan Sixian’s face, flickering brightly and dimly, just like a phantom.

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak.

His chin rested on her forehead and his palm gently rubbed Ruan Sixian’s back.

For so many times, he wanted to hold her in his arms like this, but he could only hear her voice through his mobile phone.

As if the person was right in front of him, but his arms were empty.

It was also at this time that Ruan Sixian truly and strongly felt his attachment to her from the breath on his body.

“Did you…” Ruan Sixian reached out and touched his chin, “miss me so much”

Her tone was light and floating, as if she just asked casually.

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And Fu Mingyu didn’t deny it either, “Yeah.”

“How much do you miss me”

Fu Mingyu looked down at her eyelashes, which were so thick that they cast a shadow on her lower eyelid.

This person in his arms is a very real existence now.

“To the point that it haunted my dreams.”

Ruan Sixian suddenly gritted her teeth and squeezed his chin with her fingers.

“I suspect it’s a spring dream.”

Fu Mingyu was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud.

“You may understand it that way too.”

He tightened his arms, “After all, in a dream, there is no need to restrain anything.”


The doorbell rang at this time.

Ruan Sixian broke free from him, sat on the other side and kicked him.

“Go get the food.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her, raised his legs, and opened the door with the remote control.

The hotel manager took the waiter who pushed the cart in, and set the dinner on the table one by one.

After the hotel staff withdrew, Fu Mingyu got up and signaled Ruan Sixian with his hand.

“Let’s eat.”

Ruan Sixian jumped off the sofa barefoot and smelled the aroma of the food.

She suddenly gained strength and followed over bouncily.

When she passed the desk, she saw something on it and looked back, and then her footsteps stopped.

“What is this” Ruan Sixian picked up the medicine bottle, “Are you ill”

What’s written on it are all professional English words.

She can’t understand any of them.

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu sat down at the dining table.

“I have a cold.”

Ruan Sixian walked over and put the back of her hand on his forehead.

“No wonder I think you are very hot today.

Do you have a fever”

Fu Mingyu grabbed her hand and pulled her to sit down.

“It’s not that serious.

It’s just a small problem.”

Just a little loss of appetite and headache.

As for body heat.

Which man won’t get hot when he kisses his girlfriend

Fu Mingyu filled the rice and handed it to Ruan Sixian, “When will you go back”

“My plane is at noon tomorrow.”

Ruan Sixian bit her chopsticks and glanced at him.

“By the way, who sent you that picture today”


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