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LOMH Chapter 73.6

[Ruan Sixian]: What does this mean

[Fu Mingyu]: New Year’s money.

[Ruan Sixian]: Are you treating me like a child

[Fu Mingyu]: It can be said so.

[Ruan Sixian]: Then, those things that you did to me, will make you go to jail.

[Fu Mingyu]: …

Ruan Sixian held the red envelope and smiled like a fool.

But after that, it was really hard for Fu Mingyu to find time to return to China.

Even on Valentine’s day, he held a meeting all day.

But a diamond bracelet was personally delivered to her by the assistant.

In addition to her work, Ruan Sixian also has to prepare for the F3 (third stage co-pilot) test three months later.

The complex theoretical test on paper and abnormal simulator operation are enough to occupy all her rest time.

Seeing them like this, Bian Xuan once carefully asked her: “You haven’t seen your boyfriend for so long, can you be rest assured that he is abroad alone”

“Don’t you worry whether he can really take care of himself or about anything else”

Ruan Sixian said casually, “Even his mother can be rest assured.

Why can’t I be rest assured”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Bian Xuan bumped against her shoulder, “Can you be sure that your boyfriend won’t mess around with other women”

Ruan Sixian was eating.

She chewed twice, and then suddenly laughed.

“Just with his recent state, if he has free time, he can’t wait to lie in bed for three days and three nights.

If he really has the energy to do something behind my back, I quite admire him.”

She gave a thumbs up.

“It’s no problem to compare who will have a longer life with the turtle with this physical quality.”

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The protagonists are all jesting, so Bian Xuan naturally stopped talking.

She stared at the young man at the next table who was always looking at them, and smiled with her head down.

“You’re not a person who makes others feel worry-free either.

Can he be at ease too”

Ruan Sixian glanced at the young man on the opposite side who was wearing a sweatshirt and looked like a student, and snorted, “President Fu is very confident now.”

After speaking, she lowered her head and sighed silently.

Time really goes by so slowly.

On May Day, it is a busy holiday.

She flew for four consecutive days, and her flight time reached the upper limit, but the F3 exam was arranged for her next two days of rest.

However, on the morning of the exam, she was told that the exam had to be postponed because the instructor couldn’t make it.

The plan was suddenly disrupted, and Ruan Sixian was still a little bewildered on her way home.

Bewildered, and also a little happy.

There was still time in the morning, so she went home and simply packed up her things.

After she checked the time, it was just in time to watch a recently released movie that she really wanted to see but didn’t have time to watch yet.

It’s less than nine o’clock now.

That movie can only be watched with a VIP ticket, and it was the first top movie in the entire cinema.

When she checked in, less than half of the tickets had been sold.

It’s already hot in May, and only a few long sleeves are left of the spring clothes in the closet.

It was rare for Ruan Sixian to wear a skirt and go out.

When she arrived at the entrance of the cinema, the door had just opened.

After taking the ticket, there was still some time before the movie started, so she bought a bucket of popcorn and sat outside waiting.

As the cinema was almost empty, it was conspicuous for her to sit there alone.

In a few minutes, a pair of sneakers appeared in front of her.

Ruan Sixian raised her head and was stunned.

“What a coincidence, Senior.”

Xie Yu took the movie ticket and looked around.

When he found that Ruan Sixian was alone, he was a little surprised.

He took out the movie ticket and looked at it.

“Do you also come to watch this movie”

“Yes.” Ruan Sixian nodded, “Are you alone”


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