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“What are you looking at”

Ruan Sixian reached out and touched his chin.

Her fingers feel somewhat pricked.

“I always feel that it’s not real.”

“You,” Fu Mingyu tightened his arm and lowered his head, “do you need some substantive behavior before you can have a sense of reality”


The rest of the words were blocked.

Fu Mingyu gently kissed her, rubbed her back with his palm and said softly: “It’s true.

I am here.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak.

She just stared at him for a long time, until her eyes were a little astringent, and then she whispered: “I think you treat me better than my mom.”

“Really Then you have to follow me in the future.” Fu Mingyu said lightly, but his eyes were fixed on her face, “Okay”

Ruan Sixian lowered her head, got into his arms, passed her hands around his waist, and held his clothes tightly until her fingertips turned white.

The show on the TV is very noisy and lively, and snow rustles outside the window.

Tonight, one of the lights of thousands of homes finally lit up for her.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye just like two seconds.

The familiar singing sounded on the TV, and there were fireworks exploding outside the window.

Fu Mingyu stood up, took his coat and said: “I am leaving”

Ruan Sixian seemed to be still a little lost.

It was not until she sent the person downstairs that she realized that her heels were still out of the slippers she was wearing.

“Go up.”

Fu Mingyu said, “It’s not like I’m not coming back.

Don’t show such a reluctant look.”

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“Who is reluctant” Ruan Sixian waved to him, “Just go quickly.

I come down just for the sake of it.

I am going back too now.”

Fu Mingyu gave her a deep look and turned to get into the car, while Ruan Sixian also got into the elevator at the same time.

Back home, when she was looking at the empty house, she suddenly felt a little disappointed.

Tonight seems like a dream.

The next morning.

[Si Xiaozhen]: What the hell He really came back

[Bian Xuan]: You were not hallucinating, right

[Ruan Sixian]: Yes, I am hallucinating, so come and wash the dishes in my house that haven’t been washed yet.

[Si Xiaozhen]: I cried because of the love of the rich.

I also want someone to come back by plane which flies for more than ten hours to have a New Year’s Eve dinner with me.

[Si Xiaozhen]: And it’s still a private plane, wu wu wu.

[Bian Xuan]: Okay, this wave is not a loss.

[Si Xiaozhen]: Xuan, do you know which one to choose now

[Bian Xuan]: What

[Si Xiaozhen]: Didn’t you say that a college student and the boss of a financial company are chasing you at the same time, and you feel that it’s a hard choice

[Si Xiaozhen]: A 20-year-old male college student who can only take you out with a bicycle for a ride, and a 35-year-old president that lives in a villa and drives a luxury car who is usually very busy and can only occasionally take a private plane to accompany you for the holiday.

Which one do you choose Do you know now

[Bian Xuan]: Alas, It’s not that I like villas and luxury cars.

I just think the number 35 is more pleasing to the eye.

Ruan Sixian looked at their conversation, laughed twice but didn’t reply to them again, and got on the plane instead.

She knew that Fu Mingyu was really busy.

After dinner last night, his phone kept ringing while he was sitting on the sofa.

She did not blame Bian Xuan and Si Xiaozhen for being surprised.

Until she opened her eyes this morning, she still thought last night was a dream.

——If it hadn’t because she had found a red envelope under her pillow.

She took the red envelope and thought for a long time.

She only thought there was a possibility.

[Ruan Sixian]: Did you put a red envelope under my pillow

[Fu Mingyu]: You only found out at this time

[Ruan Sixian]:


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